San Francisco, California

This is the Walgreens Pharmacy located on Bollinger Road in San Jose, California.

I have never encountered anyone as rude and incompetent as Jessica. My family and I have always had issues with this pharmacy's sloppy treatment of its customers, but it is close to our house. None of the pharmacists and assistants seem to have any correspondence-- I went in last week, twice, to fill a special prescription, and to make sure they had every piece of info as to how to proceed and claim insurance. Insurance papers, receipts from previous refills, and everything pertaining to the refill was brought to the pharmacy, and was photocopied by one of the rude pharmacists (who was absent tonight), with detailed notes written on them as to what needs to be done. We get two phone calls rushing us to get the prescription, only when we showed up, it was wrong, leaving me incredibly frustrated at the inefficiency of this establishment. Carolyn, the pharmacist on duty tonight, was there to help, and apologized for the pharmacy's error and got on to attempt to fix the problem; meanwhile, Jessica (who is an assistant of some sort) became really angry towards us, even though it is her own pharmacy's mistakes. She was not only talking back and treated us with utmost disrespect, but was also giving my entire family nasty looks, as if she was a 4 year old kid whose mother just refused her a christmas present.

This is not the first time my family or our friends have mentioned this staff member and how incredibly ill-manered and offensive she is. Perhaps she needs some basic customer service training. My neighbor's middle school kid could probably do a better job.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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I was looking at these comments tonight and rather than focusing on the rude clerk and discussing how awful walgreens supposedly is, perhaps you should look at the other person mentioned..she apparently stepped up to correct a problem and she didnt make excuses or place blame.

I think what people focus on is a company rather than an individual who is being difficult. In this situation, yes, the clerk was bad but someone else was great! So obviously its not a company-wide issue but rather a difficult person.

So maybe that person is rude and you have every right to protest that. Have you ever tried calling 1800 walgreens and voicing your concerns? Did you know that these are addressed right away and not just with the store/pharmacy manager but with the district supervisors as well?

Why not take a step to try and make your experience more positive, I'm sure that the person that tried to help wouldn't appreciate being told that she is "awful" and that she "sucks!"

But when you catagorize a group by the acts of an individual that is exactly what you do. You discourage all the good people that do work hard and that want to help you.


If your Walgreens is IT for you, then it's IT for everybody else in you're community and surrounding areas, which means the reason they have so many mistakes is because they are overworked and under a lot of stress... If you're going to complain, make sure you state that they need more help.

Pharmacy staff are people too, so mistakes are bound to happen... Btw, if I were to complain everytime you forget my fries, you'll be annoyed too everytime you see me


To So Sad: First, I am not the original poster here with the complaint but I empathize with everything she wrote. Your thoughtful suggestion to the poster to go elsewhwere is lovely but not an option for many people such as myself.

Many Walgreens customers live in areas where there are no other local options and Walgreens is IT or nothing. Trust me, if I could I would go ANYWHERE ELSE other than a Walgreens and I'd run not walk!

I've been through all sorts of mistakes, ineptitude, carelessness, lack of communication, changes without my consent or knowledge (see lack of communication), a deplorable lack of basic customer service, rudeness, etc, etc, over and over and over again with the Walgreens in my area. Bottomline WALGREEN'S SUCKS!


If you keep having problems there, then why keep going back?