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Called Walgreens to take to someone on photo. After being on hold for 10min some guy answers just saying his name.

I told him I'm looking for the photo department. He instantly snapped at me "this is the phot department". I said OK then I told him that my husband had called this morning to see if they could modify the pics we sent they told him that there system was down and it wouldn't be ready till this evening. So we decided to cancel at that Walgreens and go to another in town, close to were my husband works.

He needs the photo for work. Well I tell this employee about the system being down and he snapped at me again! He said I have been here since 8am with a very rude voice. Then goes on that he already has done all the photos that needed to be processed.

He wouldn't let me talk!! Then he says oh I wasnt here for graveyard. I never said anything about grave yard!!! He assumed I was *** and didn't know the time my husband called.

My husband didn't leave the house till 10am!! Then he asks me well do u know the name? I said the name and he snapped at me again! Asked me "what u wanna cancel?" I never said that I did he assumed so then I was passed and I said yes cancel it.

Then I hung up.

I was so upset that I was treated that way. I was only going to see if the system was working so we could get the pics.

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