Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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The walgreens system in place in september processed my photos from a very special vacation to yellowstone with my family, and only burned the contact sheets to the DVD! Hundreds of photos gone!

i trusted walgreens with my memories and they did not come through. They told me that the system should have been checked for all the photos, but the process only made the little contact sheet, not copying over the images. First of all, who would ever want that? the system should have had fail safe methods to make sure that does not happen.

Be careful of a system that lets you burn a cd of contact sheets only.

I am extremely dissapointed in walgreens. Walgreens store in Hartland, wi.

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I have to say that Walgreens stepped up to the plate! They contacted me shortly after this post (which means they are listening in the social space) and told me that they were getting some answers from me from corporate.

Donna in the Hartland store handled the project and sent all the disks in to be restored. I got them back within two weeks and am very happy with the results! They saved my photos! I am very glad that Walgreens came to the rescue of my images.

I also heard that they have a new system that doesn't allow that to happen to anyone else - which is great news! Well done Walgreens!


You apparently made the biggest of mistakes - not first making backup copies of everything before turning over the photos to anyone. Your problem could have happened anywhere, not just Walgreens.

In other words, the "fail safe system" started with you. Not Walgreens.