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Took two pictures to print at Walgreens photo lab last Friday. The two photos are passport size photos taken by myself. I uploaded the pictures through the computer and was told it will cost $0.58. About half an hour later, I went to pick up the photo. The photo lab manager took out the photos and ask me whether it is for passport use and want to charge me $7.99 for each of the pictures. I was really pissed off,

1) I only used the print service. The picture is taken by myself and they did not do anything other than print the picture. Why should I pay for the passport service I did not receive? I guess according to this logic, if Walgreens is providing wedding photography service and you happen to take some wedding pictures using your own camera, they will charge you for the wedding photography service if you print your pictures there.

2) Why should they peek into my photos and begin to speculate about the usage of the photos? It is none of their business about the content and the intended usage of the photos.

3) What pissed me off most is the photolab manager is very rude and insisting charging me for the passport service even after I repeated the process on the computer which clearly showed the charge is $0.58. Eventually I had to ask him to tear off the pictures because I do not want him to keep the photos.

4) the Kroger store across the street happily printed the picture for $0.40.

Anyway, I am extremely pissed off by the Walgreen photolab service. I have no idea whether this is their photolab policy to peek into customer's photos and identify any passport like photos and begin to charge for it.

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Every photo lab checks the photos before printing. It's naive to think that the images just miraculously print without anyone else seeing them.

Walgreens has a policy that employees have to follow when it comes to photos. There are some we just cannot print. Also, if you have photos that you don't want seen perhaps you should invest in a photo printer and do it at home.

As for the passport thing, printing passport photos is a service that walgreens offers. The service includes getting your photo taken against a white background and two prints that print to the correct size which the photo tech cuts in the lab.

Also to get the photos the correct size (and for proper centering of the image) the tech uses software that the store has. THAT is what you are paying for, not just the pictures. To be honest, if the pictures are not exactly correct for passport images, they will be rejected. I've seen people try it themselves before, just to come back later to have the store do it.

You were probably charged for the full price because otherwise your pictures wouldn't have been the correct size for a passport photo. You can't just order 2x2 prints.


its now 9.99 for passport pictures and u get charged for TWO not 9.99 for each. if you can get away with it then print them at home but the employees are just doing their job.

i hate making people angry when they want to do it at our stores but im also not gonna get in trouble and fired for 10.81.

i have a kid to take care of and student loans to pay off.

moral of the story....quit putting people in awkward positions....we have to check photos a)for inappropriate pics that need to be reported b) idk how many people iv heard get pissed off because their photos are too dark (we have to check em otherwise they will be sh**y quality c) we have to check for copyright issues.


you are lucky they wanted to charge u 7.99 cause we now charge 8.99 ( way over price in my opinion even with my walgreens employee discount) the walgreens in NY does that. Yeah your not gonna get away with a passport pic at that bet was the 2nd place u went to which u did.


The same thing happened to me at Rite-Aid. They do have to check photos for illegal activity.

However!!! It is not illegal for you to take your own passport photos. It is done all the time. I do it all the time, and I am able to make a print for .50 or whatever, and fly around the world using that photo.

It is not being cheap, it is being sensible with money.

Either be intelligent and find a way to pay .50 for something so that you can have $7.49 to spend on something else or save, or be a chump and pay full price. The people giving us grief at the photo counter were just plain ***.


first of all.....

walgreens has to look at all pictures before printing them out..monitoring child *** and any other professional pictures


passports taken at home will most likely be rejected..due to lighting or shadows or size..we have a passport service for a reason. we make it the exact size and a perfect picture so you wont have to go through the hassle of returned pictures..

so quit being so cheap and blaming walgreens for your cheap *** self..its there policy not to print them out in the first place .dont blame the staff you call 1800 walgree and complain to them...the staff and mgr is just doing what they are told..they have families to feed im sure just like you do so *** off dude


Maybe the next time they don't look at the pictures your neighbor will have pictures of you through your window from across the street. They were just *** their job and it's people like you that make them so underpaid.


The pictures in the lab also have to be looked at briefly to see if they are proffesional pictures. If they are proffesional pictures they cannot be printed without release and consent from the photographer. It's the law.