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I thought it was bad when Walgreens could not even transcribe a prescription correctly for the label on the bottle, they have shown they are even more inept at the pharmaceutical business.

I tried contacting Walgreens yesterday to get a refill on a long-standing prescription, for the narcotic Hydrocodine. I knew there was one refill left on the prescription that I had not filled yet. After hours of being refused a refill, I was finally told that the reason was because when the law changed about three weeks ago Walgreens did not know how to set the computers to bypass it for refills already in place. I had never been notified of this previously. If I immediately knew this was going to be a problem I could've contacted the doctor. This occurred on Friday morning when my pain management doctor is not in the office and my regular physician is on vacation until the end of the month. I began rationing what few pills I had left as soon as I heard the news and try contacting anyone to give me some suggestions even asked what over-the-counter drugs would be the best to take to manage my pain. I got little sleep last night as my pain was slowly increasing. I have now gone far over The recommended daily limit for any nonnarcotic NSAIDs. I don't want to destroy my liver simply because Walgreens couldn't figure out which buttons to push. And since I have been on this medication for over 25 years I'm afraid I may even go into a physical withdrawal because they would not fill the refill I legally am entitled to. Of course I may not be sure if it is physical withdrawal or just excruciating pain.

I know I'm not the only person in this position I know other people that I'm afraid maybe in a worse situation than what I am right now.

The pharmacist at the Walgreens in Midland Texas explained to me that the reason they would Dennis was because a lot changed to try and stop people from selling their medication instead of taking it. I do take my medication. I even undergo random urine screening drug test to prove that I'm taking my medication. I have never sold any medication to anyone, even though increasing price the prescriptions has made the thought tempting for some just to be able to keep on the medications they need. If I need to contact in order to file a lawsuit I would. I would love to see a class-action suit against Walgreens regarding this issue. They are putting peoples lives in danger, forcing them to take other routes which may even be illegal to try and control their pain and they are flippant about it when spoke to you on the phone. One young man on the phone told me just take a Tylenol. I pray you never feels the kind of pain this disease is good on me. I thought it was bad when they refused to sell the syringes for my B12 injections when they sold me the bottles of B12. I now know they have no concern for their customers or for the clientele using their prescription services.

Until yesterday, I did not realize that Walgreens was not one big company but conglomeration of separate pharmacies. They advertise that you can have your prescriptions transferred between stores in different areas, this is not the case. I've had problems before but they were minor. Now they tell me that although I live between two states during the year I will not be able to fill my prescriptions at Walgreens at each location. I was told by the pharmacist that they are unable to transfer prescriptions into New Mexico. I live part-time in New Mexico due to my health so I cannot simply stay in the extreme west Texas heat just because walgreens cannot or will not transfer prescriptions. That aren't the ones paying to have a doctor in each state, or paying my travel expenses because I have to come back once a month to fill a prescription. My pain management doctor only writes prescriptions during office visits and although I am totally disabled, I doubt Medicare or my other insurance would cover refill visits once a month. Medicare never covers refill visits, which I find as ridiculous as walgreens services, when those prescriptions might keep medical cost down for Medicare participants.

If anyone Knows how to start a class action suit, or if there is one already started, I would love to be at the first of the line.

I have attempted to add photographic proof to this review, but there is nothing verifying it uploaded.

Review about: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Refusal to fulfill a legal prescription due to a computer change and damaging my health from that refusal.

Preferred solution: Since Walgreens cannot change the law, they could at least figure a way to fill prescriptions owed and they should be liable for any and all medical bills incurred from this omission. They need to go by there promise as well, and be that "neighborhood p.

I liked: What they said they were.

I didn't like: What they are uncaring liars, Treat customers rudely, Have no compassion, Hide behind laws, Refuse to stand by the law.

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You sure are able to type a looooong nonsensical story, considering the excruciating pain you are supposedly in ...

to Anonymous #1504147

Wow,I deal with cancer pain and can type long stories. How rude are you ??


I've been dealing with the same issue. I've been getting the same medication same strength same quantity for years.

I've receive the medication for my Sickle Cell Anemia (which I have the worse form) and I go through the exact same thing with Walgreens not to mention every pharmacist that works there know about my condition. But every month on the same day I have a problem with the pharmacist filling my medication.

I deal with pain on a daily basis due to the fact that my condition had worsened. I completely understand what your going through.


I work at what used to be Rite Aid (Now Walgreens) and Walgreens policy is to allow pharmacists to prescribe and change prescriptions whenever they want to

to Anonymous #1499144

No, I've been with Walgreens for 25 years, 20 in the pharmacy. Not once has an RPH ever changed a prescription with out Dr's approval.


So sad to see so many trolls chiming in just to judge and upset people.

Had a similar problem with WG when I was undergoing chemo and had multiple surgeries for my cancer. Employees were heartless, uneducated on their own policies and on fed laws, unprofessional, and smug.

When errors were made, they would rather stand their ground than help a sick person. Unbelievably cruel.

I finally contacted their corporate offices. You'd be surprised how effective a well-written email to a CEO can be. Make sure you know current laws, include details such as times, dates, names, and store locations.

Someone WILL contact you to resolve the problem.

Meanwhile, ignore the trolls. They're just bored and lonely.


I refuse to go to Walgreens. I've had so many similar experiences.

I started taking kratom and tianeptine to manage my pain.

If u haven't tried kratom u definitely should. It works better than hydrocodone, is safer than Hydrocodone, it's organic, and you can just buy it in any smoke shop or online.

Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States #1227766

Narcotic Rx's can only be filled and/or refilled w/a hard copy prescription, this is the law. A physician, by law, doesn't have the ability, per DEA regulations, to phone in new or refills on narcotic meds.

Given you live out of state, you should have your doctor write you prescriptions for 2 or 3 months at a time.

Not sure the time frame between your pain management visits but having your doctor do this would greatly reduce your frustration. Best of luck.

to Anonymous Long Beach, California, United States #1244114





to barbara #1298370

Wow, you're ***. Vicodin is classified by the FDA as a narcotic medication.

"Just" Vicodin has killed people who were addicted, as you so obviously are. Read and research.

to Anonymous Tampa, Florida, United States #1284837

Live "out of state"

Freedom of movement under United States law is governed primarily by the Privileges and Immunities Clause of the United States Constitution which states, "The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States." As far back as the circuit court ruling in Corfield v. Coryell, 6 Fed.

Cas. 546 (1823), the Supreme Court recognized freedom of movement as a fundamental Constitutional right. In Paul v.

Virginia, 75 U.S. 168 (1869), the Court defined freedom of movement as "right of free ingress into other States, and egress from them."

The can't tell you you can't fill a script "out of state" without violating the constitution.

to Anonymous #1298374

Freedom of movement as defined by federal law and in the U.S. Constitution has little to do with federal drug regulations and individual state drug and prescription laws.

You types are usually so concerned with states' rights, I would think you'd know this. Maybe you should take a Constitutional law class, you clearly know nothing about how it works.

to Anonymous #1402814

That's actually not true

DEA regulations are here - https://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/pubs/manuals/pharm2/pharm_content.htm

Pharmacists are making their own interpretations of the law and stating codes knowing most people don't know what the laws and regulations are.


1-Hydrocodone rescheduling is a federal issue - not Walgreens fault... It's beyond anyonea control

No one magically got a list of which patients to contact who may have a problem with new law..

Hard luck

2- no, you were no longer legally entitled to any refills

Pharmacy is not required by law to change software to accommodate refills.

3- different state laws prevent or limit the types and number of transfers of certain schedules of drugs. Check state specific laws.. They vary greatly

4- syringes are prescription Items in most states..

Even though you had b12, you still need an rx for syringes- your doctor should've given you such rx.. In some states the pharmacist can sell using his judgement but even I wouldn't sell to you because you seem like too much trouble and need to learn to trust pharmacists since they are honest and follow all applicable laws.. Laws which you clearly have no understanding of.. You are not a consumer at a department store..

You are a pharmacy patient and there are different rules you need to abide by to legally obtain your drugs. So get up to date and get used to it

to Anonymous Dallas, Georgia, United States #1282950

New laws do not mean we lose our humanity. Pharmacist/pharmacies treating any patient with lack of respect or concern for their health should be intolerable I understand the new laws (thank you Michael Jackson)!

The start of each new year , new laws and panic by other professionals forces *** on our offices! Pharmacies should be home town local personal caring individuals if this held true we wouldn't/shouldn't have these judgements non caring giant corporations!

Douglasville, Georgia, United States #1155044

OMG! 240 on your bottle.

Was this a mistake?

Walgreens LOVES to play Doctor which is what caught my attention but your story is amazing.

Don't know if there is a class action suit because of there mass incompetence and power hungry pharmacists but I'm with You, if there should ever be one, I am IN!!!

Hope you have since changed to a local, Mom & Pop Family Pharmacy.

Walgreens is good for nothing and why would anyone shop there aside from the pharmacy? Their prices should be against the law and so should their customer service and pharmacist.

to JudyMM #1480546

lol Judy, Pharmacists are doctors and have more schooling and training on medications than the one semester your medical doctor gets.


Mmmm-hmmm... Interesting how these "complaints" ALWAYS involve narcotics, never any other kind of meds. I'll side with Walgreens on this one until I see JUST ONE example of this situation occurring with a non-narcotic med.

to Anonymous Douglasville, Georgia, United States #1155081

As per your invitation, I'm happily giving you an example of this with Non narcotics.

I take multiple seizure meds for partial seizure disorder and also for a rare and painful neuralgia syndrome that NO pain med will work on.

I was treated like a criminal by a temp pharmacist for these meds and also a corticosteroid that I've taken for years. ALL prescribed by 2 Doctors for years and Walgreens had filled for years.

Stated she would not fill them without talking to my Doctor first!!! REALLY? Like she knew something they didn't and didn't even bother asking me why I took them. All meds were just recently electronically submitted and had been just recently seen by those Doctors SHE wanted to call.

My Doctors would have been insulted not to mention being bothered by her interference. She went as far to state that she wanted to discuss alternatives with them. I was absolutely floored by her audacity to play Doctor. I was not the only customer that experienced this from her on that particular day but I was the WRONG one to do this to.

I have since discussed this with my Doctors and they laughed and said they would not have responded nor cooperated.

They both agreed with me and assured me that I was receiving the best combination suited for the complicated neurological issues I have. IF it were Pain meds, I would have not have even questioned her defiant refusal to fill my meds as ordered.

None had interactions and I would have been out before her power play was fulfilled.

So PLEASE tell me, what legitimate right did she have to do this??? I really would like to know!!!

to JudyMM #1281807

You are soooo right. Not just Walgreens pharmacist, but pharmacist in general.

The same thing happened with me/my doctor/pharmacist. She was policing my scripts, and thought SHE had a better idea of what meds/dosage/strength I should be taking. (same DR for 30 yrs., pain meds for just as long, the pharmacist was new in the equation) I love my DR for what he did. He listened as she made her "professional suggestions".

Then he spoke to the regional manager. He said while it was very ambitious of her to suggest to a practicing physician of 40 years that his methods are outdated, he did not appreciate her interference in MY personal business. If she felt confident, she should quit her job and go to med school.

She was fired. I've never been happy to see someone lose their job, but this was special.

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