Deltona, Florida

I was a happy customer until 2008. Between 2008 and 2010 I had prescriptions either:

erroneously returned to stock

never filled in a timely manner

short by as many as 20 pills (and was accused of losing them)

wrong dosage

wrong medication (it was NOT what the doctor ordered) given to my daughter

very poor attitudes by the staff

gave into requests three times being assured the problems wouldl not recur (they always did)

I transferred my prescriptions (as did my daughter) to a small independent pharmacy. I never once regretted this. The new pharmacy is FANTASTIC!!!!! Smaller is BETTER!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pills.

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So you are complaining about something from 2 years ago?


The company usually returns "filled prescriptions" to stock if it is not picked up 7 days after it is filled. This is how they keep inventory in check and not have the pharmacy overflowing with prescriptions that people do not want. Other pharmaceutical companies has similar procedures also such as a 9 day put-back at CVS


It took four years of errors for you to leave. Couldnt have been that bad.


What happened in 2008 that you started having issues? Should have talked to manager.

They cant fix unless they know of problem. But hope you enjoy you new pharmacy.

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