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I was previously a paralegal. If your doctor approves the medication and you have a written prescription with an earlier fill date on the prescription then why would the Pharmacist call the same Doctor who issued it for the earlier date and ask him or her if they will approve it?

Isn't that redundant and isn't a Doctors signature on a prescription that is water inked more valuable than a phone call? The reason a Doctor writes the prescription a few days earlier is so you aren't left without a single pill the day you go are finally able to refill. Someone May be traveling or have many different circumstances and that is your private right to not have t share that with the pharmacy. Furthermore, if the pharmacist discusses that you are filling a controlled substance at the window where others can hear, they have jut violated your privacy rights!

Walgreens is the only pharmacy I have ever experienced such behavior. I for instance, had my dosage changed to find the correct dosage so I had filled with no problem as early as 14 days many times when doses were changed at other Pharmacies. I twenty through a Pharmacy tech and store manager today in a private meeting where the pharmacy tech had for the third time approved my New prescription and said she had even spoken with my Neorologist and that I could pick it up today which was the date on the prescription and then the pharmacist Tiffany went behind her after she left work last night and put a comment in for the second time saying not to fill until the 14 th because that was the last fill date even though Medicaid approved it. My doctor wrote it for today and reapproved it via phone!

The tech actually said to the store manager in front of me that the pharmacist was mis treating me and acting as the pharmacy police! They also had given me wrong information saying I could only get brand name of my migraine medicine the last time I filled there and I told them I had been getting the generic for years under Medicaid! I had to go two or three days without my medicine abd pay out of pocket for one pill because they had to order the brand name and all the while had the generic available! The same pharmacy and wonderful tech filled the generic today with no issue.

Not to mention when I finally got the brand name it made me so sick I dealt with thexmigraines! They then continued in front of three other customers my issue with my controlled substance I mentioned earlier announcing it basically! The pharmacist who went in and put the comment after I had already been approved wouldn't even consult me or look at me the entire conversation! Like she was literally hiding which the tech also mentioned to the manager.

Then because the tech had not made notes that she spoke to the doctor even though she told the manager this and the Pharmacist the pharmacisit still would not fill it! She clearly had a power issue! I am reporting her to the board and filing a lawsuit against Walgreens for emotional distress and breech of my privacy as well as the Physical danger of a seizure. I actually have scarring on my brain and Spinal tap my prescription came from my neurologist and running out of my medication for this particular medication is very dangerous which I explained!

I also gave no history of different Doctors prescriptions or refilling too early unless it was a dose change. It is clear that I am not selling or abusing and come on it's a five day difference and the doctor wrote and approved it! I think they lack common sense or the ability to think outside the box! What policy would allow you to run completely out of your medication before refilling especially if you take it as soon as you wake up, meaning you wouldn't have it until you were able to go in and possibly have to deal with a situation just like this one!

It leaves customers feeling stressed, violated and having a stigma as a drug addict. Some people really are sick and don't need to have to worry about this sort of thing on top of all else! It was the Walgreens on Providence rd west in Charlotte NC. I have more evidence and proof than I even need due to how Ridiculous the situation was today.

So just know it is being dealt with and they will be brought to justice.

For all the idiots who are employees of Walgreens pharmacy, just the fact that you are spending time reading and commenting so rudely on here speaks to the fact that you do enjoy playing Pharmacy police. You're not a Doctor except it abd move on you're like Barney from The Andy Griffith show lol!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The key phrase is " if they find a reason". They did not and even the pharmacy tech spoke to the store manager on my behalf and the stot manager asked the pharmacisit to fill it.

The Pharmacy manager wasn't there. The store manager suggested I report the Pharmacist to the Pharmacy manager and gave me his info. So there was no reason that was in any way supported by fact but the contrary. So if you're all about law then you would know that truth is proven by facts and that you can't pick and choose facts but apply all facts as a whole.

Then apply what is called Manipulative. Thinking which is taught in Law because no situation is black and white. You then take the facts and evaluate circumstances of the particular case to come to a logical conclusion taking into account the risk and consequences your decision will have and if your decision is ethical. Since I had a New prescription that the neoroligist had said " do not fill until the 9th and that was the day I asked it to be filled and the pharmacist said she would fill it if when my doctor was called, " he approved it", then she should have filled it.

The pharmacy tech confirmed with the pharmacist that she had spoken with the doctor and confirmed that it was to be filled on the 9th! My history showed nothing of " different doctors or early refills prior. Also, with this particular medicine I am instructed to take it first thing when I wake. Common sense tells you that if you don't have it because the pharmacywont fill it until after you are completely out and that by waiting until they open and are able to fill it that day you will miss your first dose.

Or if anything happens where you can't get to the pharmacy that day then you are out of medication. Like if they don't have it In stock abd have to order it for example. Which does happen a lot with this medicine. The risk for the patient is seizure.

Major depression and a lot more. It can put their job at risk and all sorts of things. A chemical imbalance for someone who already has scarring on the brain and a spinal tap is not a persons brain chemicals to mess with. So the risks are much greater for not filling it than the possibility that you may be giving the person 5 pills too early.

Hello, that isn't drug abuse or selling drugs. That would be someone seeking a lot more than five pills.

So that is how you should handle a decision as a Pharmacist or any decision involving anything. So yes, you are right, " some people are ignorant " and have tunnel vision it is the Walgreens Pharmacist!!


If you have 5 pills left...then you don't need the Rx filled. Yes the pharmacist may deny filling any prescription that he/she feels is early.

The simple fact that you try to fill early alerts the Pharmacist that you may have an addiction problem. A Pharmacist must not fill any earlier than 2 days or their license is in question. ADHD medicine is highly addictive and it is not crucial to your existence. for example anticoagulation or blood pressure etc.

The fact that you have withdraw when you do not have it is an issue. You may need the help of an addiction therapist. Yes ADHD medicine is speed. It is a stimulant.

It is highly abused and just a few capsules of adderall XR snorted will and can cause you to jump out of a second story apartment building. That is a true story. The real question is your attention more important than your life ...and I am assuming you are older than 20. So why havent you learned any non drug coping techniques.

You will never find a Pharmacist that will knowingly fill early any ADHD medicine for you...not at Walgreens or CVS...

not is they want to continue working. Good luck with your silly law suit.


I appreciate your intelligent response as it is the first intelligent response I have received.

First of all let me say I refused adderall!

It was like taking a nasty drug. I specifically asked for a safer and less stimulating drug. I have just recently been diagnosed but didn't initially go to my neoroligist and say " I think I have ADHD" I was actually shocked because I had been through every blood test. Breathing test, two MRI.

Was originally diagnosed with extreme low Vitamin D which I had went to Dr because in the middle of the day I would nod off driving I was so sleepy! Anyway he is the one who diagnosed me and my New MRI revealed scarring on the brain which I also had been getting bad and frequent migraines! Then a spinal tap and I have even rejected additional meds he has tried to add on for me. I specifically states that I did not want to be on lots of prescription meds and was crying in his office for even having to take the ADHD meds!

So this all has been very emotional and scary for me. My doses have been changed several times sometimes lower sometimes higher and all before 30 days! I did not try to fill early. I took in my new prescription that had the date of the ninth and read " do not fill until the 9th.

That is the day I took it in to be filled. The pharmacy tech even called my Dr to confirm and my insurance went through just fine. She told me I could fill it and to return in a bit and I did this whole thing went on for days because after the tech would have it ready to go the Pharmisist would go into my profile and put a comment which btw she did not sign which the tech thought was shady. And why was this Pharmacist so interested in me particularly?

When I came back to get it the tech put her hands over her face and said I " believe she has done this"! So the tech actually called the store manager to discuss in a private room with us but all other customer's were aware! It was humiliating! The tech told the store manager " the Pharmacist is doing it to this lady now" so my understanding from the tech and store manager was that the pharmacist had been doing a lot of inappropriate things.

The other odd thing was that the pharmacist was there and heard everything when I was previously discussing it with the tech but as the tech told the store manger " she being the pharmisist will hide or pretend to be on the phone and not even tell the customer what she is doing or explain! S he knows what she is doing is wrong! If she thought it was right then why wouldn't she be professional and talk to the customer herself"? Anyway I finally had enough and went to another pharmacy and she had flagged my profile and told them I couldn't fill until the 15 th but I hadn't even refilled anything on the 15 my last actual fill was on the 14 th as I had to look for my old bottle and show her!

So this pharmacist even tried to make it 31 days! So for my case I had the New pharmacist call her to confirm that she truly meant the 15 and do you know the tech said she would not come to the phone!!! So the New pharmisist filled my prescription anyway and disregarded the ridiculous , lying abd unethical Walgreens pharmisist Tiffany! I also was able to feel my old prescription for a lessor milligram and take it at my regular dose until I could get the one in question filled.

I had that prescription that I had not filled for two months so you see if I were a dealer or addict I would've filled that one a long time ago. You are incorrect about it not being dabgerous, with the particular meds I am on even taking irregular doses of it every day can cause a seizure and even death! I already have scarring on my brain so thst is very scary! You see not everyone is the same and always has a deceitful motive just because they have a condition that require them t take a stigma attached medicine.

It was actually the Pharmacist who let her arrogance get the best of her and ignorance! When we are treated this way it is a prejudice and is discrimination and stereo typing not to mention lying about a persons medical 'record to purposely hurt them and punish them. Its all unethical and if you read some of the uneducated responses I received from people on here identifying themselves as Walgreens Pharmacist you will be shocked at their name calling bad admission of enjoying reporting Doctors and mAking it difficult for customers!

Like it's their only excitement in their otherwise mundane jobs and he even referred to himself as a Doctor saying he had the education to make a Doctors decision! It is so scary that people like him are EFFECTING SUCH CRUCIAL AND SERIOUS MATTERS!


The fact that you check this site and are so invested personally is not having an unbiased and ethical opinion. Hello, many people have Doctorate degrees in many different Prifessions!

Lol that doesn't make you a Physician, obviously if it did you would have a license to diagnose and treat but you don't. You only have a license to count out pills and put a label on them with your name! So stop with the fantasy you have in your head. I go to a neoroligist!

He put on my prescription a " do not fill until date" which I honored but as I said you at Walgreens treat this as a video game in which you feel you have scored when you control a poor and sick person from getting the medicine they need. You. Revealed that in your " go Walgreens comment and calling yourself a Doctor lol! So as I said get a life Barney!

I am reporting the Pharmacist to the board and it was another Pharmacy who gave me the info to do so who also filled my prescription on the spot without having me even wait the hour and a half it takes Walgreens to fill a prescription due to their video game playing while even customer's who are filling non issue prescriptions are backed up like a a doctor office waiting room.

Oh, I guess it helps to realize your fantasy for you that you are a Doctor mAking patients wait in the waiting room. Lol!


Its called Pharm D...Which is a Doctorate in pharmacy. People are so ***.


Got to love drug seekers! lol.....You know who you are.

Your Walgreens Pharmacist is a Doctor you know. Duh


Your Doctor probably told you that because the pharmacist at Walgreens has reported his.her practices to the DEA...Which we love to do. GO WALGREENS!


You were previously a paralegal because you sucked at it and got fired right? ha Do you think a highly educated pharmacist really cares about you getting your high this weekend.


No I didn't get fired. Obviously you do care very much due to all your responses and obviously you all do care weather me get our medication or not more like you do everything you can to prevent it.

You have not intelligently responded to any of my comments or addressed anything I had to say. Your words are childish and empty. The arrogance you reek of is so transparent to your low self esteem and need to feel important. Its sad.

If you were truly educated you would know that for a person who has been formally diagnosed with ADHD there is no high they 'receive from the medication. You are not even worth debating with, I may as well be arguing with a child.

I'm done but thank you for revealing the character and mindset of Walgreens Pharmacist! It only proves my case!


Go somewhere else if you need an early fill. The Walgreens Pharmacist does not have to fill your med if she/he find reason not to...but you can go elsewhere...Good luck though. People are ignorant ..good luck with your lawsuit.


That's horrible!! Walgreens is so bad that my doctor actually made a point of telling me to never ever get my pain medicine filled their due to there policies. Hopefully you can change pharmacies