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On 1/22/17 I entered Walgreens pharmacy around 6:45. I gave the pharmacist my mothers prescription.

She then informed me that they had stopped filling prescriptions. The prescription was on an emergency room prescription form. I asked if she could give me enough to last until morning. My mother is in pain.

She replied again that they were no longer filling prescriptions. I said thanks and walked away. My mother Lula Walker has been filling prescriptions at Walgreens long before she moved here from Chicago. She gets at least 11 prescriptions a month or more from Walgreens.

She is 92 years old and suffers from many illnesses. But to refuse her pain medication is and was very inhuman. My mom cried and screamed most of the night because of the level of pain she was in. she was denied much needed meds.

I used heating pads, Tylenols and Tramadol, all did not help her pain. I am very disappointed and hurt by the way she was treated. I will change her pharmacy because of this behavior.

But I will also file a complaint with any and all sources I can. Signed very very hurt and disappointed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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You should have brought your mother straight to the hospital if she was in such bad pain.Pain can raise blood pressure....high blood pressure from pain can lead to a stroke.She is 92.Why in the world would you let her suffer like that and not take her to a hospital?If she is dependent on these meds you could not get her she also could have went thru withdrawal...At her age that could kill her too. Step up your game if you insist on careing for her.Get educated so you know better next time and so you don't kill her.


I know plenty of people who live in rural areas and Walgreens is the only pharmacy near by. Or she could have been like my insurance that only let you use WALGREENS or you must pay 100% of the cost. Everyone stop being so judgmental.


What part of WE ARE NO LONGER FILLING PRESCRIPTIONS did you not understand the first time? No, you are not considered "special" or deserve special treatment compared to the others who were also told to come back the next day. Go find a pharmacy that is open if you absolutely MUST get your prescription immediately.


You're seriously going to "file a complaint" because the pharmacy would not fill a prescription that you brought in AFTER they had closed for the evening? Wow, I hereby present you with the Most Self-Entitled Lunatic Award for your efforts. Good luck with your "complaint," do keep us posted how that works out for you...


Oh give me a break. They didn't "refuse" anyone pain medication.

They were simply CLOSED. They are under no obligation to remain open just for you, you may feel entitled but you are no more important than anyone else. If your mother was in such horrible pain, why did you wait until closing time to bring her prescription to the pharmacy?

Hopefully you took the prescription to a pharmacy that was OPEN. If not then YOU are the one responsible for your mother's unrelieved pain.


That is horrible they made your mom suffer like that! I'm sorry


It sounds like this review and the only people that are suffering are the sweet and nice employees and managers because they have to deal with entitled customers thinking they are to go and come as they please and that these customers don't understanding closed means closed. Not every place is open 24/7.


no comment, sorry for your mom, i'm with you, DEA makes old people suffer, drug mfg's control who gets what, it's always about the money

@edmund w forester

Who says "no comment," and then proceeds to comment, in the same sentence. LOL


Agree,closed means closed in any language..unfortunately personal grief does not mean that they will re-open.... these businesses run as such so we have to work around them. Find a chemist that is open instead of moaning, it couldn’t of helped your mother,who I’m sure needed help and would of appreciated the extra attention that was needed...sorry story all around when people involve personal emotions.


Sounds like an addict, trying to get pills to me. who waits till they are out to get pill they need so bad.


You sound like a presumptive jerk hope you suffer real pain some day and get no relief.


You're an idiot to say the least, it's from the emergency hospital dum nut. I hope you have the worst pain ever, car accident or something and no be treated for the pain, you'd surely deserve it.


Contact the national pharmacy board and their main headquarters whenever they pull that garbage. Ive had more than one pharmacist fired because of that.


Now THAT's a great idea!! A pharmacy without a pharmacist will SURELY fill those scripts for you.


I would contact APS and have that woman's mother taken out of her care, seeing as how she is responsible for not getting her pain meds filled. "Oh, let's take the script to a pharmacy that is closed, surely they will accommodate our irresponsibility by reopening just for us!"


Totally agree


You seem bent on making people’s lives unhappy...positivity helps everyone...just an impression when reading your comment.


If you had a presription for morphine filled on sept 11th, how early can you refill it? Like 7 days early, 5, 4??

Ive been on it for yrs due to severe lupus, fibromyalgia, 3 back surgeries, pending knee replacement & hip replacement surgery..

The way my appt was set up this month, i see the pain dr today oct 5th & due to not havin a car, today really is the only day more than likely that i can get out.. does anyone know if i can get my script filled today or do i have to wait?


I'm not a huge fan of walgreens but i feel on their behalf (and for the future wellbeing of ANY patient going without pain meds :(( ...) I should comment...

Retail pharmacies (at least the ones I've worked with professionally) have a pretty rigid set of guidelines/laws they MUST adhere to. Oftentimes (depending on the state/city/zoning etc) this dictates a branches permitted operating/dispensing hours.

(ridiculous, I know). So where most locations let's say..are 24 hr, one in BFE might only fill scripts till 6 pm SHARP. **HOWEVER** The associate who simply stated "We're not filling scripts" really deserves disciplinary action. They shouldve not only let you know WHY they were unable to assist but more importantly, direct you somewhere that could.

Worst case, Urgent Care always has access to their pharmacy (within reason) Any ER (in the U.S. that I know of) will give a patient meds to treat them until their script can be filled.

There was no good reason for your poor mother to suffer. I do hope this info is at least a little bit helpful.


I agree with you 100% in regards to the Associate and having some type of write up. 1.

He/she should have directed the patient to a Pharmacy still open and filling prescription. 2. Every State has an emergency filling criteria. Florida Pharmacists can fill a 72 hour emergency control substance prescription.

I am unaware of ILLINOIS however the Associate could have verified the elderly Ladies other prescriptions and tried to have done something to help. I fill my prescriptions at Walgreens and had went to a different store closer to where I worked. Their policy is if a Pharmacist enters that they will not fill a certain prescription for a certain person no other Walgreens can fill that prescription either. I found this out when I had brought the same prescription to the Walgreens I normally go to and the relief pharmacist who is a friend of mine and use to own her own pharmacy which I helped her sell informed me of this policy.

I have since had this band lifted being I also got to know the Pharmacy Manager at my normal Walgreens and She knows I am a legitimate customer who is prescribed certain medications for certain conditions. The CVS's and Walgreens Pharmacists are under the Laws of the States they work in as well have to sign agreements with these corporations that dictate if they will or will not fill a controlled substance.

So they are held accountable to the corporations even if it means they have to lie to a patient and tell them they don't have a certain drug. It makes me think was this assiocate only being that way because of these criteria?