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I've been going to this pharmacy since I moved to Minnesota over 15 years ago. I never had a problem until recently.

They always seem to "switch manifacturers" without giving me a call in advance or asking for me to provide consent to switch. I've had multiple bad reactions to these medications and they never seem apologetic. I know it's not necessarily the pharmacist's fault for the company switching, but their customer service seems to be absolutely awful lately. They basically always insist that I have to take the medication, instead of telling me that they can order it, which I've been told by management that they can, in fact, special order medication from a specific manufacturer.

Apparently the only reason why they switch is because it saves THEM (Walgreens company) money, therefore saving ME money. I'd rather pay the extra $5-10 per refill for medication that I know works for me than have to suffer another bad reaction. In addition to this, our insurance will randomly decide not to cover certain prescriptions, but the pharmacist on duty ALWAYS assumes that we can't afford to pay full price out of pocket, without insurance, for the medications.

It's easy to jump to the conclusion that they're racially profiling. That's what it feels like anyway, even if that's not the case.

Review about: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Both of you are wrong! It is good practice to tell a customer when the manufacturer changes.

Mostly because the medication LOOKS different and you don't want your patient to panic and think they have the wrong medication. How much time does it take to ask the patient if they want to pay cash if not covered by insurance? 3 seconds? You don't have that much time to spare.

Shame on Harveys Balls. You probably think of everyone as a jerk customer. I think of them as patients.

Chill out and do your job or find another one. If you don't work in a pharmacy, quit commenting on all these complaints like you know something dumbass.


I really don't know how, but all of these things complaints seem to get more and more stupid as I scroll down. If you need one special ordered then tell them.

The overwhelming majority of people would rather save money on prescriptions than pay the extra $5 - $10. Probably because they understand the medicines are the same. The stuff people react to is rare. If they had to call every *** customer, as you suggest, the money spent on payroll would make that prescription maybe $15-$20 higher.

Still sound good? Why would they assume you can't???? Here's why. Most of the time you spent filling that *** and people don't pick it up because they can't afford it.

Again, wasting payroll!!!

Glad you don't run a business. Get the *** over yourself!


Why should they call you to ask you for consent? NO insurance companies require they to call you.

This is a standard practice for ALL pharmacies not just Walgreens. They are required to do this to keep the cost of the medicine low.

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