Augusta, Georgia
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I had a cold medication dated for the 31st of April, I took it to be filled at 2a.m in the morning. Walgreens on 35th and Wisconsin said they can not release the medication until 8a.m.

I told them I had a flight to catch at 6a.m. They still would not do it!. Isn't that what a 24hour Walgreens is for?. Because it is a narcotic cold medicine I cant fill it in another state.

So I had to change my flight and pay a fee!!!! I hate Walgreens that is why I never use them but they are the only ones with the cold medicine I need!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why would you get on a plane with a cold? So you're going to share your sick germs with everybody else on the plane?

If you are sick enough for narcotic cold medicine you should stay home and not make others sick. I'm sure they would appreciate it!


If it's that critical, why in the world didn't you get the meds at least the day before - unless there is more to this story.


Yeah sounds like an monopoly and a bunch of BS. I was going to say there isn't another pharmacy that has that script, but you addressed that.

Also most others aren't 24 hours anyways.

I hear from an Walgreens pharmacist within last week that they are really cutting down "AGAIN" on their policy of narcotic and other scheduled drugs with filling them. I'ts Fing mind numbing as it is much less more restrictions being put in place.