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They refused to fill my sons prescription he dislocated his elbow and needed it pin medications and twalgreens refuse to fill his prescription

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aynotowallgreens to Anonymous 5 minutes ago

The above is not true here. Walgreens has a history of this behavior.

They have complaints from hospice patients, etc. Never try to fill a scheduled med from Walgreens. They will require medical records from your dr that are none of their business. Their pharmacists try to practice medicine without a license. 

The company was nailed years ago for filling obvious fake scripts.

Now they just won't fill without a rectal and pap in store first!!!

It's sad that they couldn't have made some realistic changes after they got in trouble. Instead, they went too far.

to Anonymous #1044686

Sorry delete my first sentence. I agree!


Walgreens are horrible about filling pain meds, they denied my 84 year old father after knee replacement surgery over labor day weekend and I have called 4 times to speak with the DM because they them reported to my dads Dr. that he was taking excessive amount of drugs from excessive amount of dr.s I have finally contacted an attorney because they will not return my calls.

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