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Walgreens corporate office this year decided to CLOSE their pharmacies, the whole entire day BEFORE new years, plus new years day..in other words for customers, that meant they had no way to fill or pick up a prescription between WEDNESDAY night and SATURDAY morning!!! on wednesday evening, Dec 30 i had a health issue flare up and my doctor said he was going to call a precription in to Walgreens for me, he like most people assumed the pharmacy would be open the day BEFORE the holiday, and tried to call it in but walgreens had closed until SATURDAY.

When i went to pick it up around lunchtime on Dec 31, i saw that they had actually closed the night before and wouldnt return til saturday. I can understand a pharmacy being closed on the actual holiday, but they closed dec 30 two days before the actual holiday so patients who went to pick up needed medications were out of luck. Saturday am i called the pharmacy to make sure medication was ready to pick up and the clerk sounded inconvenienced when she should have been more than gracious and understanding, she complained to me that there was a back up of prescriptions to go thru so she couldnt even verify if or when it would be ready. Simply told me there were only two clerks there (not my fault) and they had to go thru a ton of precriptions since they had been closed for three days.

Its mind.boggling why a pharmacy would think this was a good idea. Understandable to close on the actual holiday but for the whole entire day BEFORE the holiday too??

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