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I believe they were very unprofessional they profiled me & labeled me as an addict because I'm on pain medication due to car accident here is ther little note they wrote me will never shop ther agian due to unprofessionalism

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My doctor in GA. warned me about the resistance by Walgreens to fill pain medicines.

They give the doctors a hard time too.

Lots of red tape. My doctor made a point of asking me to have my prescriptions filled somewhere else.


Same here.


Obviously there was a separate issue going on, e.g. DEA cracking down on pharmacy or the specific medication, issues with doctor, issues with supply. Otherwise, why would they fill it this time?


They aren't as "skilled" at recognizing drug seeking behavior like you think. I can spot a junkie from a mile away because I'm a recovering addict.

They fill scripts for them allll the time. I actually have seen a friend who is not an addict be discriminated against by them.

Soo... ya.


I'm sure they knew who you were, they're very experienced at identifying drug seeking behaviour and pain pill junkies, my bet is they were right, you do have a problem with drug use you struggle to control, and the first step is to admit to it, not deny it and project your drug issues onto them


You're clueless.


Absolutely clueless.


Even if this person did have a problem. A.

you can't 100% accurately guess that. B. Who the *** are they to be the morality police? If anyone knows about OP being an addict it would be their Dr.

NOT a *** Pharmacy. It's really none of their business anyway, it's between the Dr. and OP. What if this medicine was REALLY important to this person for reasons besides addiction and they deny it?

They ARE NOT Drs. and have 0 clue what this persons medical history is. If they aren't allowed to write a script than they sure as *** shouldn't be allowed to deny one written by an ACTUAL medical professional.

My guess is they wanted to be Drs. but weren't smart enough so now they use every opportunity to wield some Doctoral powers.


My dr told me walgreens got in trouble for sending to much hydrocodone down south fla so they paid big fine millions and want fill a script of pain meds with out holding it 2 days to talk to your dr about your dignoses which is against your paitent confidentiality


I've had several issues with them filling my pain script. Just this last time they were holding it to talk to the doctor.

Umm I have to physically go to his office pick up written script to deliver to them. If he had an issue he would address it with me. He admitted that the pharmacist like to play god with people's scripts and it is illegal as they are not the doctor. I have the 3rd most painful disease to have.

I need my medication to be half way human and get out of bed and do things. My Dr. Was pretty upset they are doing this to me and others. I don't have much choices in the way of pharmacy's here.

There was another time the pharmacist refused to fill my pain medication after I had surgery. He screamed at me said "do you want to start something" in front of all the staff and customers.

I was in tears as I was just out from surgery and anesthesia hadn't wore off. The customers were coming up apologizing, other staff were too, the other techs helped me get my medication.