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I see a lot of judgement from both sides. Before DEA Crackdown on controlled substances refills were not really regulated. Throughout the past 2-3 years this has changed. Most of the issue here is with the FDA aand and DEA. .not necessarily Walgreens per se. In fact as of August 2014 you'll be hard pressed to find any pharmacy that will refill those kind of prescriptions early with at best a lee-way of 2 days possibly less. Thank you big government.

It is very difficult to those who don't understand how chronic pain works or why it happens. *** I wish I understood it. When you wake up and can't move due to pain...when all you can do is rock backward and forward willing to even deal with the devil for it to end...when you can't sleep away the pain or sleep period, frustration at this situation is understandable. Anyone here standing in judgement has not experienced it or they would be singing a different tune.

As for comments I've read about having overstock..besides having a doctor tell you to take more of the medicine during a set time I also know that people share medication. Yes it's illegal but if we are honest with ourselves we've all probably given away a pill or so to someone in need because we have extra.

Finally we need to be honest that when on a pain management regiment that has gone over 6 months we are addicted. That doesn't make us losers, criminals, or druggies. I don't sell my meds, I don't buy those meds off the street. Have I been guilty of taking more than prescribed. ..only on occasion. Why? Because of pain. It's not about the high it's about the survival. People judge too quickly at what they don't understand. I wouldn't wish a chronic pain situation on anyone.

It is important we take our medicine right as prescribed. What I have done happens a lot but in doing so it is making pharmacies like Walgreens crack down even harder. Now they can label you and refuse to fill prescriptions. Better to seek a change in legislation than to criticize pharmacists who want to keep their licenses. As for the new Walgreens Good Faith policies in which they label people as addicts the solution is simple..boycott or deal..

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This is probably the best comment from a pain management patient on here. Anyone that wants to post a comment about the dispensing of pain meds should have to read this first.

The only argument I have with it is the last sentence of boycott or deal. You can boycott, but all of the major chains either already have or will soon have similar policies regarding the dispensing of pain medications.

Of course you can try your local mom & pop pharmacy, but most of them now refuse to bill insurance on the pain meds. It's probably the only way they stay in business with the way insurance companies are these days.