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Approx 1 week ago I went to a 24 hr Walgreens pharmacy, store # 5311 located corner of maryland parkway n flamingo. I arrived at pharmacy window at approximately 1:00 AM.

There were no customers in the store and none at pharmacy window. I stood at counter for considerable time until a disheveled looking female with a pharmacy uniform completely un buttoned down and open exposing her *** leaving nothing to imagine. It was less than flattering and extremely unprofessional . It looked like she had just awoken from sleeping and then asked me what I needed?

I showed her my prescription and she started shaking her head from right to left. she looked angry and gruffly told me it would be at least 45 minutes. I said no problem and that I would return in an hour and went to the albertson grocery store down the street. Approximately 1 hour later I returned to pharmacy via the drive up window .

It is now roughly 2:00 AM in the morning . There are literally no other customers nor cars in the auto lines where I pulled into. I hit the call button and after some time a female asked me what I needed. I stated my name and reminded her very nicely that Im here to pick up the prescription that I had dropped off an hour earlier.

She then appeared at the window looking as though she had just awoken again n very angrily and gruffly said it was going to be another 15 minutes. I realized that she was not acting appropriately and refrained from any type of verbal exchange.i said OK . She then told me I needed to move my car and go park my car in the parking lot that is now dark and desolate. This was now putting me in harms way.

This is a very poor section of town with an extremely high crime rate and homeless people wandering about at all hours.nothing against homeless people. I reluctantly complied and parked in this big dark empty parking lot and waited another 15 minutes. For the 15 minutes I waited in this parking lot , I was approached by two different homeless people knocking on my window begging for money. I waited approximately 20 minutes just to be on the safe side and then drove back to the window and hit the call button.

Once again she very rudely came to the window and said its gonna be another 15 minutes. I didn't complain and said ok. She now commanded me to move my car back to the unsafe parking area . I told her that I was fine waiting right there since there were no other customers waiting.

I told her that I would move if any other cars approached. She now began yelling at me to move my car and said my prescription is not going to be filled if I did not park my car away from the store! I realized that it was becoming personal and that I had taken enough abuse from this tech and I told her I was not moving. She was yelling that she was not going to fill my prescription.

She had pushed every button she could with me and I cursed her and demanded my prescription back. This so called pharmacy professional (not) stole roughly 3 hours of my time while she was acting as an official representative of the Walgreens brand . I never received a filled prescription after having waited approximately 3 hours . This was done for what I can only surmise as being a mean thoughtless act by a disgruntled and unhappy person who should not be trusted filling any persons prescription.

It was abbundantely clear that she is not of sound mind. Her appearance was that of a homeless person who had just finished a weekend bender . I cannot think of a reasonable situation where I will trust this person to fill a prescription in the future . I challenge Walgreens to research her credentials .

Her behavior is fraudulent and I suspect that her background is at the very least questionable .The degree of unprofessionalism , lack of decorum , no stAndards or dress code was deplorable ! I would like to believe that Walgreens is not defined by the acts of this one despicable individual but it's hard not to when they fail to address the problem employee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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