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I called to get my medicines refilled and I get well they were filled and we put them back. You have 7 days to pick them up.

I told her will can I get them refilled and I didn't ask them to be filled earlier and she goes ( deep breath) well ill check. What's your date of birth. Then we don't have one of the meds in stock the other one ill fill it. So I asked when will they be ready?

( deep breath again )( attitude) well ill have them ready today. I asked what a half hour or so.

Attitude again NO maybe an 2 hours. So I asked this lady what is your problem.

She told me she is doing a special thing for me by filling it for me. Normally it takes a 24 hour to refill. So I told this lady well let me let you know ill stop using the Walgreens totally I normally get 6 meds for my son 4 for my self and one for each of my daughter.

I don't want to waste your time. I'll start using CVS

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Telling you they will be ready in two hours when you asked is not rude. You were no the phone, not physically there so you do not know how busy they were.

Plus, she had already said that she doesn't have one of the medicines in stock, so did it ever cross you're mind that she was waiting for a delivery that was coming at a certain time, plus the amount of time it would take to fill it accurately which would equal a two hour fill time? Also, taking deep breaths is not rude.

Maybe she had been running around because they were so busy so she was out of breathe, or maybe she's just a naturally heavy breather. Don't jump to conclusions.


That's fine, you sound like a *** anyway. You should know when you can refill your meds, you know since you take them and everything.


That is a lot of meds.Have you tried another doctor?Meds really affect the growing brain and cause many mental disabilities.As for only holding them 7 days..This is common practice.The meds can get old.Everywhere does this.Only have them refilled when you are ready to get them.If we held on to every script forever we would lose lots of money because many go not picked up.

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