Tyler, Texas

My husband and I needed a few things at walgreens so we thought we would fill my husbands prescription for lortab he received the day prior. The tech wrote information all over the orescription ie: dob, DL etc.

then she began looking for our insurance in the computer, and as we waited another customer had come back in relation to a problem with her insurance. The whole time the pharmacist stood on the phone talking to one of his family members and ignoring both of us. Nevertheless, when he got off the phone he looked over the techs shoulder at my husbands script and immediately and loudly stated " walgreens has a policy that they do not fill any narcotics unless you are on a pain management program with a dr. I told him we didn't know that and that was fine.

But, he continued to yell stating that's walgreens policy and I can't veer from that very hatefully. I told him my husband doesn't take them all the time so he doesn't need to be on a pain program. We finally left after getting treated horribly. We have lived in that community for greater than 35 years and have never been treated like that.

I'm an RN and have been for almost 20 years, and my husband has been with his company for many years as well. So with that being said I am very familiar with narcotics and the over usage of them by people, however my husband and I are not one of those people. Nonetheless , we were not asked any questions just treated horribly.

Besides, how would he , the pharmacist have known if my husband was or wasn't on a pain management program because he never asked. We will never go back to walgreens for anything and I will be sure to let my friends and co workers in on the terrible treatment we received.

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this is a common issue at walgreens. they treat all customers like dirt.

they also treat employees like dirt. it is company policy!!


do you deal with prescriptions? on the use of being filled and refilled?

looked lately at what the laws are in your state? those things have been changing all over the states.