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I have never had a good experience getting prescriptions filled at Walgreens. Even when you call the prescription in ahead of time, it is often not ready.

If a new authorization is needed they don't text you or call the doctor for approval . My latest experience was at 4:30 on a Friday. I was told you need to call the doctor to get authorization for us to fill it.

It was my adult disabled sons medication and it wasn't a prescription that should be stopped cold turkey, but they didn't care. I could not reach the doctor.

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Woodbury, Tennessee, United States #955209

It is very frustrating to run out of medication. As a pharmacist I understand both sides of this issue.

Every pharmacy, by law, puts the refill information on the bottle. If the bottle says "no refills" or "dr must authorize refills" then the doctor has to authorize refills. As a courtesy we normally do fax the doctors offices to request these refills if the patient requests it. However, several things may happen.

First there are several doctors in our area, mostly psychiatrists and pain management doctors who refuse refill requests from pharmacies. They require the patient to call or more likely be seen for an appointment. Also they may not respond very quickly to a fax. They are getting many fax's a day and many of their offices even say on the phone message "please allow 48 hours for refill requests".

If your bottle says no refills it is best for you to call your doctor's office for another prescription.

Especially if you are almost out of medication.

Muskegon, Michigan, United States #955093

Don't wait until the last minute to get them refilled. You know your going to need. With my husband med, I fill his pill container, when I see he has 7 pills the I call them in


Sounds like you should be more involved in your special needs son's medications. Read his insurances formulary and take it to the dr's with you so he can choose a drug they will cover.

Why don't you just pay cash for it. You have a problem with insurance not the drug store.

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