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(Disclaimer: this started as a comment and the site suggested I make it a review. Im no doctor nor am I an English Major.

sorry if my young mind misunderstood situations or if this post contains so many gramatical errors you cant stand life anymore) Well I'm a highschool level wrestler who has very bad asthma. Always carried a box of the primatene daul tabs as a "just in case" backup and had no idea how old they were (but heard that they discontinued a while back) so had my nurse mother take them to work and dispose of them. But both my mom, and the doctor she works with(my doctor) said as long as i understand that these are not pills designed to take the place of my regular breathing treatments and inhalers, I could keep a few of the little squares(metal wrapings) in my bag. He then said that it would be dificult for me to get them (turned 18 a month before) and he would write out a little like recomendation or whatever to show them.

So went to the local Walgreens and explained my situation to them, talked about what the doctor said, and showed them the recomendation. But i get the exact opposite treatment, they start railing me with questions from the little paper it was written on. Whats you doctors first and last name? Whats the name of the practice?

What is the fax number of the office? After some how getting them to accept the validity of paper, they try to sellm aomething else. "Have you ever tried using bronkaid" I say no and that ill ask my mom if its an acceptable alternative. Call and ask "Hunny, i think you heard wrong, last I heard Bronkaids been off the market for a few years".

So when i ask if they just have Primatene they again accuse of lying, and say they will call the cops. I leave, walk four blocks over to The Right aid and am out without a tear being shed in 5 minutes....

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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