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I currently read several reports about how Walgreen's treats chronic pain suffers. I have had almost the same treatment, but let me tell you an even more crazier story. This one is about the soon to be "very public" narcotics list.

I woke up one night a few months ago. in the worst pain of my life. I have had 4 kids so I know all about pain. I had a very strange reaction to all the spinal anaesthesia. I have a lot of nerve damage. I have been in chronic pain for years and never had to take medicine. I just lived with it. So for the past few months I have been trying to find out whats really wrong so i can get it fix.

Well Walgreen's felt that I was too an addict so the dilibertly put false information on the narcotics list so that I could not get any medicine or even a Doctor to treat me for anything. I can't even begin to tell you the horrible and truly agonizing *** I have been through. Every time I go to a new Doctor the come right in with this list. They absolutely refuse to even look at my medical records or even listen to me. All because of this list. They won't even let me see it either. Well about 2 months of that ***. I had it, I stole the *** thing from the doctors office.

This is the most messed up thing is at the bottom of it, it has a disclaimer that states "The state of Ohio doesn't Warrant the above information above to be accurate or up to date." That's exactly true the information on the list was doubled. From the date I dropped it off and picked it up were two different things. Not to mention I go to clinics so there are several Doctors that are listed so they just put a random name so that it looked like I go to all kinds of Doctors. There is just so much more so I hope others out there can get a hold of their "narcotic list" and put an end to this nightmare for so many people.

These list are created by the pharmacy. So the fault does lie with them, because a pharmacist is a licenced professional they are responsible. So if a doctor tells you about a list you on this is it. These list are meant for pharmacies,doctors, and the DEA. I finally found a lawyer to take my case. So if we "chronic pain suffers" stand up. We can eliminate a lot of pain and suffering.

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The OP is obviously doctor shopping. I say that based on the sentence in the original post, "Every time I go to a new Doctor the come right in with this list. (sic) " That's not a statement someone who is using one doctor makes.

It's too bad (maybe) he/she is in pain but there is clearly a reason for Walgreen's action in this case.


I must say that if there was a DUR on you then there is a reason....The Insurance companies do have somehting to do with it, as they also keep track on excessive use.It stinks that there are people out there that unfortunately abuse these types of meds therefore making it hard on you because they (the government) have to keep a tighter ship on it...Not to mention any Pharmacist has the right to turn away a script that they feel may be abused because it is there license on the line.

I have worked at a pharmacy for 19 yrs and in my experience a tighter ship is needed...They now want the Pharmacist to consult you when you are taking pain meds and to intervene with the Dr if they think excessive use is happening....Narcotics are addicting and you build a resistance to them and end up having to get something stronger consistently...when does it end? It sucks, I get it....but to blame Walgreens completely...well you are wrong.

They aren't back there thinking ...hmmm I want to cause this person more pain...trust me, they would rather fill your rx...it means more to their bottom line.They have to do it to protect you and also to make sure the 6 yrs of school they had to endure to get where they are doesn't go down the toilet so someone can get there prescription, when perhaps, they shouldn't.


Walgreens en Pharmacists ARE NOT M.D.'S!!!I even had one of their pharmacists go so far as to call my Dr. office...they told her to mind her business and do her job!!!


Walgreens put me on the nationwide narcotics list so i couldn't get meds anywhere!"

Most likely because you were abusing prescription drugs.


Walgreens put me on the nationwide narcotics list so i couldn't get meds anywhere!"

Most likely because you were abusing prescription drugs.


sue thier *** sue the dea sue the walgreens sue the goverment sue everyone that breaks your constitutional right


mr.morpheus you are sadly mistaken if you think your insurance does nothing but payment!

YOU need to do some research and just how much insurance companies stick their fat noses into your business!making dr and pharmicists jobs very hard but its just easier to blame the pharmaicts isnt it??


Oh, let me add one other thing.I've had the same doctor for going on 17 years, and I've had ONE pharmacy for the past 9 years, and that WAS Walgreens.

It will now be CVS ONLY.This isn't a case of doctor shopping or going to multiple pharmacies, it's simply a way to harass legitimate, law-abiding citizens who are medication dependent.


I don't know about a nationwide list, but there are lists kept by each state.I too have been treated poorly when it comes to narcotic medicine at Walgreens.

They have a DUR on me for my pain medication. I asked what that meant, and they wouldn't tell me. Two minutes online and I was able to find it stands for Drug Utilization Review. I have degenerative disc disease and fibromyalgia, and I'm not on any kind of excessive dose.

My doctor checks for interactions EVERY time he prescribes me a medication. Seems that Walgreens feels that their pharmacists should second-guess my M.D. I took my prescriptions to CVS and had no problem. Walgreens often lies to you about why they won't fill a prescription.

They ALWAYS blame it on the insurance company even though they aren't involved in the issue in ANY way other than payment.Do some research online and you'll find that Walgreens is very well known for this reason.


Walgreen pharmacist do not send anything to your state.However, some states (Ohio is one) give themselves the right to download prescription info about scripts filled in their state.

The pharmacist has no choice and does not know if or when this info is downloaded by the state. (Keeps the pharmacy employees from being involved and changing the info) If you don't like your state laws call your state representative. Any info or list your Dr.

might have was almost certainly pulled from Ohio state files.The idea behind this law was to keep addicts from Dr shopping and pharmacy shopping.

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