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I currently read several reports about how Walgreen's treats chronic pain suffers. I have had almost the same treatment, but let me tell you an even more crazier story. This one is about the soon to be "very public" narcotics list.

I woke up one night a few months ago. in the worst pain of my life. I have had 4 kids so I know all about pain. I had a very strange reaction to all the spinal anaesthesia. I have a lot of nerve damage. I have been in chronic pain for years and never had to take medicine. I just lived with it. So for the past few months I have been trying to find out whats really wrong so i can get it fix.

Well Walgreen's felt that I was too an addict so the dilibertly put false information on the narcotics list so that I could not get any medicine or even a Doctor to treat me for anything. I can't even begin to tell you the horrible and truly agonizing *** I have been through. Every time I go to a new Doctor the come right in with this list. They absolutely refuse to even look at my medical records or even listen to me. All because of this list. They won't even let me see it either. Well about 2 months of that ***. I had it, I stole the *** thing from the doctors office.

This is the most messed up thing is at the bottom of it, it has a disclaimer that states "The state of Ohio doesn't Warrant the above information above to be accurate or up to date." That's exactly true the information on the list was doubled. From the date I dropped it off and picked it up were two different things. Not to mention I go to clinics so there are several Doctors that are listed so they just put a random name so that it looked like I go to all kinds of Doctors. There is just so much more so I hope others out there can get a hold of their "narcotic list" and put an end to this nightmare for so many people.

These list are created by the pharmacy. So the fault does lie with them, because a pharmacist is a licenced professional they are responsible. So if a doctor tells you about a list you on this is it. These list are meant for pharmacies,doctors, and the DEA. I finally found a lawyer to take my case. So if we "chronic pain suffers" stand up. We can eliminate a lot of pain and suffering.

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I have a problem with Walgreens and my narcotic medicines! I have a metal back fusion and take two different narcotic medications and EVERY month they short my prescriptions.

EVEN though I have requested a double count on ALL my meds. I still have to count them myself and make sure they are all there. This is a HUGE problem because if I use the drive thru they can say I took them out so I actually have to stand there at the counter and recount my meds in front of other customers and everything. And it's been as many as 30 per bottle so who is the real drug addicts sounds like the people that work at Walgreens are the ones who have the problem!

I hope you sue the *** out of them how dare they, I'm a nurse and I know there are real people who doctor shop. But when you really need to take medication that should not be against the patient.Because of some bad people. Walgreens has even told me my doctor over prescribed my acid reflex medicine my doctor tore their butts up.

My doctor hates them too!

I'm a nurse and this happens to me, I feel for people who have no medical knowledge.


I have a broken neck C3-C7, 4 failed fusions, I never switch pharmacies, never switch drs, and use class 2 & 3 narcotics, I was rearended by an off duty cop driving 100 mph, Im lucky to be alive, did have tetraparlygia, and let me tell you THIS TYPE OF LIST can happen to anyone, wallgreens does discriminate, they do keep a list and I've had a pharmacist tell me before NO you can't have the medication the Drs prescribed. Been through *** with them, but I can't switch, I know better, FDA, AMA, & The DEA all watch us like a hawk.

Irritractable Chronic Pain Patients will suffer this sort of abuse untill ALL Drug seekers are caught and jailed. We dont stand a snow balls chance in ***, and that's what it's like having a completely broken neck. I thank God when I can crawl out of bed each day and pray I dont wake up a para or a quad one day in the future and I'm only 52, move like I'm 80 and have RA, OA, OP, dengerative disk disease, and more spine surgeries ahead of me.

God help the chronic pain Patients in the USA. The drug seekers have made our pittyfull lives ***, as if we didn't suffer enough allready!!!


THANK YOU so very much for this information about this nationwide drug list. FINALLY, caring family members can contact them and inform them of the MANY individuals who are abusing narrcotices and the families expense.

I am writing a book about those who suffer from others abuse and addiction.

This will be a wonderful resource for them to have. To call their local pharmacy for this information.



I smell an addict. I recognize the obsessive/insane thinking/behavior because I was the same way befor I got clean.

Get some help. Recovery is a great way of life, and NA is a great program.


My mother in-law was just recently given a diagnosis of fibermialga and up until four months ago was seeing several doctors and all trying to prescribe something different and never once was she denied by a doctor or a pharmacist. Not sure why but that does seem very funny.


Walks like a duck and sounds like a duck it usually is a duck. Addict? behavior described indicates she is an addict.


WOW Mary please read and get educated about legitimate chronic pain sufferers like myself who are in fetal positions without proper medication. I was involved in a car accident 25 years ago that basically destroyed my body.

I believe you need to go to church and get some love and compassion in your life. The car accident took me a over year of intensive therapies to recover to a point where I can barely get through a day. Until 4 years ago I never took medication. I could not stand the pain anymore so I sought treatment.

I am under the care of one doctor. You have no idea what chronic pain is obviously. I tried every therapy known and it doesnt work for me. I am being treated like a criminal now because I cannot get the medicines I need.

You wanna come over and hang out with me for a day. I can guarantee you that your opinion would change when you se a 46 year old man exhibit the traits of a 90 year old getting through a day.


I bet they thought that she was addicted from her behavior. She was probably causing a scene and they thought it was from drugs.


Why did they do that. I get pain mediction from them but I have never had a problem.

Of course, I try not to use the med's to often because I got addicted before in the sense that I needed more and more to take away the back pain and the the *** doctor took me off with no warning and I was so dumb I didn't even know I was going into withdrawal.

No I get about 30 day supply every three months of hydrocodone. It is your doctors decission weither you are taking to much pain medication not for Walgreens to decide.