My Daughter submitted an application at Walgreens in Ravenna Ohio 44266. She was called in for an interview.

My daughter is overweight about 290 lbs. They took one look at her, frowned and told her that her application didnt fit the company criteria. Really?? So why did they call her in for an interview in the first place??

Didnt they already look at her application? These "Managers" should be disciplined for their obvious discrimination. They didnt even interview her after wasting her time. I am not some wacko parent that is ticked because their kid didnt get the job.

I am a parent that is apalled because of the very obvious discrimination. (they wouldnt even talk to her) I will never shop there again and I urge everyone to do the same. Especially if your overweight.

This is their policy folks. How insulting and sad.

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Lots of companies discriminate against all kinds of people, piercings, tatoos, weight (in either direction) overly skinny (could mean drug addict). Pimples, facial scars purle,blue hair ect!!

Not right but what companies do.


Since when did obesity become a protected class protected under the constitution? Until it is protected class, Walgreens, and any employer, can simply NOT hire your daughter because she's overweight. Consult a lawyer before you look ***.


I'm quite a bit more overweight than your daughter, have been for the entire length of time that I've worked for Walgreens (now over 7 years), and was hired by someone overweight. I highly doubt your daughter's weight was the reason that she was not interviewed for the job.

Most people who are put in positions to make employment decisions would not just look at someone's weight. It's possible that her skills test was not favorable in the areas that would be required of her, or maybe her availability wasn't able to match up with the store's needs.

I'm very sorry that your daughter didn't get the job. Walgreens is a great company to work for.


Thank you unknown :)

As a Walgreens manager, all I have to say is that we take our hiring process very seriously. Anyone who comes in for an interview takes a pre-screening test before the actual interview.

If they fail to meet the testing requirements, it is the manager's decision whether or not to conduct an interview with someone that is not qualified.

That would be the only time an interview would not be conducted. It is not fair to any company to just assume that is was a discrimination issue when there are other factors, like the prescreening tests, we reference before the interview.


THATS A LIE!!! they dont do that..

there are plenty overweight people that work for walgreens. Just because she did an application doesnt mean she had the correct qualifications.

There is another interview process - its called FORMAL, maybe it was how she presented herself.. not because she was over weight!

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