Cicero, Illinois
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On Jan 10, I went to my local Walgreens store to buy vitamins on sale and their ad touted "Buy One Get One Free". I picked the right item as displayed in the ad and the exact vitamin as described in the circular.

However, the item did not scan as buy one, get one. This is not the first time this has happened to me. The manager, Darron, refused to honor the sale and Then I said to him hat I would not shop at Walgreens anymore. He responded, "OK!" and walked away.

I guess Walgreens could afford to lose one customer. I certainly have other pharmacy choices and I'm voting with my feet and wallet.

I'm walking way. Goodbye Walgreens!

Monetary Loss: $10.

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You must be a child if you believe losing one customer will hurt them.


Do you have a walmart even if you do not the prices on WITH FREE DELIVERY if you spend 45.00 dollars are always cheaper you will not even have to leave your house. Shampoo,razors,vitamins,overthecounter medicine all cheaper without any hassles!!!!!!!!!!!!


You will be back if you haven't already you dirty filthy liar!


The only way people get the sale price is if they have the Walgreens rewards card. It states that by every item in their ads.


I did present my rewards card and still refused to honor the ad. Thank you for your comments.


Walgreens is overpriced any way.


You might be right. Thank you for your comments.