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Walgreens in Lake Jackson, TX is refusing to refill a script..they are treating my husband like a drug addict. They said it was to their discretion and they feel that we need to wait 3 days before they can fill the script for Norco.

The dr. had to call up there and then he called our house saying the refill was ready, but when I went up there they said that my husband had to wait 3 days to get it filled. I could go on and on about the looks they give, etc., but I won't. They obviously don't understand even with a dr.

orders that it's ok to get a refill because they like to have the power. My husband had neck surgery a month ago..this is a script from a neurosurgeon and this is how they are acting. It's been truly humiliating everytime we've had to get this filled or's gotten more and more difficult. The pharmacist is Ashlee W.

and she obviously thinks she knows all about pain and more so than my husband or his doctor. I think all those pharmacists should have to be put thru some major surgery so they know what it's like.

I don't know what can be done to file a formal complaint. They need some sort of training on pain mgmt.

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I also had a bad experience there. They pointed and giggled at the script my husband dropped off. My sister happened to be behind him in line and saw this after he turned his back.


Legally, the pharmacist has a responsibility EQUAL to that of the prescriber to ensure the medication is being used safely and effectively. Pharmacists do have the right to refuse to fill a prescription if they feel that the medication is being used in any manner different than what the prescriber had intended.

If it were your license and your livelihood on the line, what would you do? Yes, pharmacists have compassion; however, they also have a legal obligation when it comes to the dispensing of controlled substances. In most instances, the prescriber has no idea regarding any one patient's history of filling a prescription, and if the pharmacist is uncomfortable filling the prescription, it is not because they feel that you are a "junkie," but rather they need to feel confident that the medication is being used in a manner that is not only safe but appropriate for a patient.

Pharmacists are the gate-keepers of medications, and as such, they are given a great responsiblity to ensure the safe and effective use of medications. If you are unhappy with how a pharmacist makes a clinical decision, ask your physician to open a medication dispensary - they will not, there is too much liabilty, and they depend on pharmacists' clinical judgement.


Not to defend Walgreens, but I do agree with Dee. if the doctor re-writes the medication with an increase of dose and written down for verification incase an Audit happens and the doctors increased it enough to cover those 3 extra days, then I'm sure the pharmacist would have filled it.

By LAW they can not release a controlled prescription if they notice a pattern of early refills. Being a pharmacist isnt the easiest of jobs, but yet every one blames then when some thing goes wrong. Legally they are liable for every prescription filled medication. There have been plenty of doctors that ignore all early refills.

That means they dont care enough about you as a patient to keep you 'hooked' there are other types of medications that can controll pain, just happens that Norco is a controlled one and it is the Pharmacist Lience and job on the line if they were to release an early fill with out the correct documentation from the MD. So remember that the next time you want to blame the pharmacist.


Your right lily, unfortunately they are the only ones in the state that carry the generic brand I'm not allergic to. Now I will have to pay 110.00 per month or the name brand versus 10.00 for the generic . Apparently they all use different "fillers".


The words I picked up on in your complaint were "everytime" and "filled or refilled." I don't know about Mt. Laurel, but in my town, we have several pharmacies in our area from CVS's to Walmart to grocery stores.

Stop doing business with Walgreens. I sure wouldn't go to a pharmacy I wasn't satisfied with (for any reason).

No need to. Move on.


They are suppose to call your Dr...If you are taking more than what is prescribed, then they have to call your Dr. If the Dr is calling in the same RX or gives you a script for the same thing, with the same dose and you are early, then obviously you are taking the dose that you want and not what the Dr wants.

Most Dr's seem to not want to have to deal with the issue and just prescribe more. It is truly sad. The Pharmacist do have the right to question the Dr's and in some cases, if they don't, it could be dangerous get it straight...if you think a Pharmacist goes thru school for 6 yrs to just count pills and submit to insurance you are soooo misinformed. I bet if your Dr prescribed something and you got sick or ended up in the hospital, you would blame your Dr and the pharmacist.....right?

So if the Pharmacist comes across an early refill and feels that they shouldn't fill it regardless if the insurance covers it or not, they have that right...this way you can't include them in your blame fest. Most Insurance companies will let the claim go thru sometimes up to a week in advance, unless it's a state plan and then they are stricter, but that does not mean by any means that they have to fill it for you and the pharmacy that did fill it, just means they care less about you and their careers....I hope you can find a better Dr that can manage your pain more properly


Walgreens en Pharmacists ARE NOT M.D.'S!!!I even had one of their pharmacists go so far as to call my Dr. office...they told her to mind her business and do her job!!!


This is a lie!


. I was told I had to pick up my med refill on June 9, 5 weeks after the previous refill, because she felt I was abusing this drug'.Really?, if my doctor says I need it, and my insurance will cover it, what gives her the right to tell me when and how I should take my medication,.I was lied to telling me my insurance wouldn't let me fill til the 9th, but I went to another pharmacy with the same refill, and it went right through|.

I called my insurance and they said they never denied the script'. I see my Dr?.

every 3 months, and she has no right to dispense my meds to her satisfaction|.I will not be back unless this problem is fixed!. Sincerely, Deidrea Stanke


A walgreens pharmacist (who didn't know me at all) refused to fill a script for 20 ct ultra which is not a narcotic or controlled. I didn't go, my mother did and is easily intimidated.

This guy actually told her I had vicodin at home and didn't need ultra. The er doc said both work well together for severe pain and I needed to get my bp down because the pain raised my bp over 190/119. The hospital almost admitted me because of this but after sever hrs.released me with bpcat 152/108. This pharmacist didn't know I had a broken nose, broken left arm, broken right foot, internal bleeding from a massive chest contusion, several bruised ribs, trashed knee caps and the list goes on.

This pharmacist actually threw away my script from the er after calling the Dr and arguing with him. When my mother told me this, I thought she was kidding. This guy played with my life and will get written up or fired from this. I filed a complaint with the board of pharmacy and they told me he cannot throw a written script away.

They have to give it back to you. The person I spoke with said this guy was way out of line. When I told the board what was wrong with me and what the dumb medication was (ultra/ tramadol) they said this was very unusual. I was livid.

Never use walgreens. I love target. They're kind, wonderful and treat everyone with respect.

I have never ever abused scripts or meds and having the injuries that I did needed to be treated accordingly. This guy will hate me by the time I'm done with him.




What happened you get in a wreck? I would rather have Vicodin than ultram anyway.

You would think they would give you perk's for that many broken bones. Well good luck.