Madison, Wisconsin

Walgreen Drugs is, according to the signs posted in two of their stores in my community, refusing to honor advertised sale prices, denying any sales or discount advantages to consumers who have not joined their rewards program. After November 18th anyone who has not signed up for the program, registering certain personal information,(I do not know what else is required because I have refused to sign up) will not be allowed to ring up sale prices at the register.

I think this is blackmail and should be illegal because Walgreen's is asking for personal information and recording consumer purchases in exchange for discounts.

It has always been my feeling that merchants should reward customers for merely walking in their store instead of their competitors. I was told by management in both of the stores that this is a corporate decision.

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The only thing the card requires is your First and last name (You don't even have to use your real name) - A birthdate (Same thing) - and a zip code. All information I could get just by googling your name. Go find a place that doesn't require a card, good luck!


Hello to you all the information they ask for his public record get over it every where u go has a *** discount card or just be like me keep shoping without the card and thats only because i just dont feel like doing it


Today I bought some chocolates on "sale" which were marked as 2/$7. At the register it didn't ring up that way and I was told that as of the 18th *everything* marked as on sale in the store required the rewards membership.

Coincidentally the older couple at the front of the line had their rewards account go missing, and so they had to fill out a whole new one. It took two cashiers and a manager to get that sorted out and over 10 minutes. They didn't even open another register for us in line.

Honestly I don't know what is going on with that place. I've never had a problem or delay before. A sale price should mean what it says. Not going back.


The ads that I get from Walgreens have specific items in them that are special priced for people that belong to their rewards program. I don't know what the rest of their policy is about this is going to be.

But I won't sign up for any rewards program, because I have read several articles saying that is how stores track what customers buy and then you get bombarded with emails, etc.

about those items all the time. To my way of thinking it is a way for companies to find out too much about a person.

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