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I have lived in the area for over 30 years. The other pharmacies wanted me to have my M.D. prescribe me 10 (TEN) additional non-narcotic medications in order for them to fill my Rx. I believe this is a form of extortion and a conflict of interest for a pharmacy to make such demands.

Chronic pain is a serious, debilitating condition that requires strict, supervised care from a medical doctor. I have tried numerous alternative therapies to manage my pain without much success. My M.D. has my x-ray films, my blood work results, my biopsy results, my nerve conduction results, and my entire medical history.

For a pharmacist to deny his written orders for my medication because I fail to meet certain undisclosed criteria is beyond unprofessional and unethical conduct--its criminal!

Original review posted by user May 14, 2013

All of the Walgreens Pharmacies in Pasco County Florida have refused to honor my valid prescription for pain medication written by my Board Certified Medical Doctor. Other pharmacies such as CVS, Publix, and Sweetbay have also refused to fill my script. Walgreens used to consistently fill my medication; recently however, a Walgreens pharmacist told me that I do not meet certain criteria to have my pain medication filled. The pharmacist would not reveal the criteria, stating that it was against Walgreens’ corporate policy to speak about that with customers. Even though the pharmacy had the medication in-stock, I was denied because I did not meet their "secret criteria." I am in excruciating pain, and suffering withdrawal symptoms because I am forced to suddenly stop taking my medication--one of the warnings that are stated in the literature that accompanied my prior scripts.

The only solution I can think of is initiating a class action lawsuit against Walgreens, et al. I have contacted Morgan & Morgan ( and urge anybody who is having a similar problem to do the same. They may be reached at: 877-667-4265.

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Is this litigation still in process? Very interested.

Due to the fact that Walgreens is refusing to fill long standing Rx's for me baised of the new Florida laws passed 7/1/2018 pertaining to Opiates and patient profiling. None of my medications are Opiates. They are however in a class of narcotics. After surviving a MI & coma in 2010.

I have also survived a botched heart catheterization in which my femoral artery was sliced in two along with the tendon & smaller vessel behind it.

After 20 days on my back in a hospital bed with a grion compression apparatus applying extreme pressure on my groin and hips, I now live with almost constant spinal, hip & cervical pain, and I have nerve neuropathy and muscle spasms throughout my body.Needless to say, I NEED my medications to be able to move! Walgreens has got to be breaking the law here!


I hate Walgreens and the judgmental *** they are. I have not only scoliosis, 4 herniated discs in my neck and back but a brain disease called Chiari Malformation Type 1 which causes my brain to push itself through my spinal canal.

I was refused my medications 38 pills 15mg Oxycodone I have been taking for 2 years since my auto accident to maintain my pain until my doctor clears me for brain decompression surgery. I will be calling Morgan and Morgan and joining with you. They denied me because I pay cash welllll after researching my information no I only pay cash for the rest of the amount due it's been billed to an insurance this whole time! I will not go running around stores to get my medications I will get it from Walgreens as I have been!

I am dealing with their corporate office now. As for the comments of him being a pill head.

Well I see you need some help to your probably addicted to coke and don't get your meds ligjtmately! I've noticed the ones who seem to judge and call names usually have an addiction themselves.


you're a pill head


That's sad to say the least .


Once you are profiled, I believe the script becomes marked. This is real, and believe me, unethical.


I would like to join this class action suit for walgreens pharmacy discrimination. I'm jeffery kuper in Jacksonville 904 994 7492 my cell number.


As a pharmacy tech at Walgreens, we only deny a prescription if :

1: we do not have it in stock, in which case we usually offer to find a store that does

2: or when the insurance company (not us) flags it as a refill too soon or duplicate rehabilitation.

We are not trying to ruin your day, we are legitimately just messengers. It makes me absolutely sick when people like you stand there and complain about not getting your oxycodone in under ten minutes when you have filled three norco's and a oxycontin in the past week.

Even if we could do it (legally speaking, I mean) it takes a very long time to do the appropriate paperwork and to open the time delayed safe that houses these Controlled narcotics. This is not Starbucks, we're handling substances that can kill you if we rush it. Take a breath and stop *** just because you can't get your second oxycodone of the month.

Remember that we aren't trying to inconvenience you, we only turn you away to follow the law. I'd prefer my job over making one addict happy, thank you very much.


As a tech you can't fill this script anyway, and what gives you the right to say someone is an addict, your basically just a souped up cashier.


I think the major problem is the entire medical industry has turned legitimate pain management into a picture of drug trafficking. Sixty percent of Americans suffer with chronic pain.

Until you ok or a loved one faces the issue, you may have no real understanding nor empathy for people suffering what you cannot see. People who have chronic pain are NOT addicts. They are dependent upon the medication to function, or pain would leave them bedridden or minimally able to function. Have great difficulty doing things like bathing, preparing food.

We must be patient with one another. Explain to the patient why the script cannot be filled. Understand it is not the tech, but FDA regulations.

But most of all, disease is not equivalent to a crutch or someone seeking to get high. They just want the right to exist.


You have a terrible attitude. I hope you lose your job you pompous arrogant ***.

You are what's wrong with Walgreens. No one's talking about people trying to fill multiple scripts in a week. We're talking about once a month per our doctors orders, doctor wrote the script, who are you to deny it?

You are a cashier, save your judgments.


Anonymous as a pharmacy tech at Walgreens why do you feel it is reasonable or responsible as a professional to lie ? I understand that pharmacist our under a higher up do to the fact that Walgreens just settled 80 million $ settlement not to mention the deal they made with the DEA about cracking down on chronic pain care Clint's using a Secret system known as the good faith dispensing .

I don't understand how they lie to people and yet they expecte for anyone to trust them with their health care ? I can't speak for anyone else only I'm afraid that pharmacist our becoming our doctors and that's very Serious considering they don't have the education of a doctor ...........


You do realize that Pharmacists are basically doctors right? If you become the master of medicine, that includes the application of medicine. Pharmacists are to Physicians as Engineers are to Architects.


You no name pharmacy tech high school peon, what say you about you secret GFD policy?


Really? My daughter did her Pharmacist internship with Walgreens and told me the deal.

I take one prescription and never more than prescribed.

We see Walgreens attitude in your statement.

Anonymous posting coward. You and Walgreens can shove it.


Walgreens is "profiling" pain patients in such a despicable and unethical way it's beyond comprihensible! Every individual patient/person is different and their lives are different and treatment is different for a million different reason, not everything is so black and white for Walgreens to treat pain patients in this way, a pharmacist is NOT a M.D.

And should not get to decide if the medication is ok or not, and what treatment any patient should be on, there are reasons any patient/person is being treated with any specific medication dose and quantity and should NEVER be up to them to discriminate against unless it conflicts with a individuals other med's being taken. Walgreens should be ashamed of treating people this way and should face consequences!


Been there did that so pissed what they have done to me.I can't put it in enough words.They need to longer be aloud pharmacies.


Why in the world would you sue Walgreen. You said none of the pharmacies would fill your prescription.

Doesn't that tell you something?

I expect you are doing something wrong and are trying to scam the system or you are an addict.


Why dont u read up on what the DEA is doing to pain patients before you accuse someone of being an addict.


My mother had her pain medicine stollen by Walgreens. They said that it was picked up but it never was and it was never even charged to there card and two were supposed to be filled and they jumped really quick to fill the non pain medicine that she also did not get.

Who do we report to and what about an attorney for my parents for the matter. My mom suffered because of there taking her morphine it threw her into withdrawal and lots of pain.

Please let us know if you can help us. God Blesses,



American Medical Association (AMA) or the American Academy of Pain Management. Good luck!