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I have lived in the area for over 30 years. The other pharmacies wanted me to have my M.D. prescribe me 10 (TEN) additional non-narcotic medications in order for them to fill my Rx. I believe this is a form of extortion and a conflict of interest for a pharmacy to make such demands.

Chronic pain is a serious, debilitating condition that requires strict, supervised care from a medical doctor. I have tried numerous alternative therapies to manage my pain without much success. My M.D. has my x-ray films, my blood work results, my biopsy results, my nerve conduction results, and my entire medical history.

For a pharmacist to deny his written orders for my medication because I fail to meet certain undisclosed criteria is beyond unprofessional and unethical conduct--its criminal!

Original review posted by user May 14, 2013

All of the Walgreens Pharmacies in Pasco County Florida have refused to honor my valid prescription for pain medication written by my Board Certified Medical Doctor. Other pharmacies such as CVS, Publix, and Sweetbay have also refused to fill my script. Walgreens used to consistently fill my medication; recently however, a Walgreens pharmacist told me that I do not meet certain criteria to have my pain medication filled. The pharmacist would not reveal the criteria, stating that it was against Walgreens’ corporate policy to speak about that with customers. Even though the pharmacy had the medication in-stock, I was denied because I did not meet their "secret criteria." I am in excruciating pain, and suffering withdrawal symptoms because I am forced to suddenly stop taking my medication--one of the warnings that are stated in the literature that accompanied my prior scripts.

The only solution I can think of is initiating a class action lawsuit against Walgreens, et al. I have contacted Morgan & Morgan ( and urge anybody who is having a similar problem to do the same. They may be reached at: 877-667-4265.

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I'm about to sue Walgreens too, for withholding medications, but I do meet the criteria. They withheld it because my insurance carrier wouldn't pay, even though I could!

They just never told me what the hold up was for weeks at a time. I'm an elder, I'm SS bonified disabled, so I think I can win, just no lawyers are interested.

I'm preparing a pro se action to be filed soon. Go for it!


How do I join?


How does one join the class action suit? Walgreen's habitually makes filling my prescriptions a major pain and I only use them because they are the cheapest in my Medicare Part D!!!!


I am having the same problem. From now on, I am video taping every time I attempt to have my prescription filled.

This is ridiculous. They tell me they're out of stock. One chic at Walgreens on Little Rd and Hudson Ave treated me like a drug addict asking where else I get my prescription filled. Then she told another worker not to fill my meds.

How do they have the power to refuse to fill a valid prescription for a person with a documented illness? How is this legal?


I'm going through the same thing I contacted Morgan and Morgan and they say that they don't have a class action lawsuit going on and I have to call the Florida Bar.


This is *** and im not talking about to cut meds down to get this uncontrolled but weres the part were you have been discriminated against Walgreens.i have all proof and im not going to give up on this at all..the laws can keep turning and turning and where's my rights to prove my case that I was discriminated!!;I don't get to show all cause pain medication is not finished with this at all.!!!.


I'm in New Orleans and every time I'll filled my prescription I delt with one problem or another to the point were the pharmacys approached the contour to question me about the medicine I'm taking. Each time I go to the walgreens a new Phamacys has something different to say about a reason why they can't fill my prescription.

I understand that the board of pharmacys and or the government has given then the power to discriminate at their desgression.


I was also denied my prescription for pain medication.



The website is invalid now.


Im from nj and same thing happened to me so how do I get in this class action law suite cause its such BS


yes we need a class action law suite on walgreens


I'm so pissed right now, arrh!

here is the GFD walgreens checklist


Thank you for the checklist!! This may help with my cause when speaking the manager at the Walgreens I am having a problem with.


I was born with spina bifida and have had 17 surgeries since Im now 51 and had worked until 2002. I moved to florida in july 2012 and had some problems getting my pain meds moraphine and fentanyl.

I had a moraphine pump pt into my body last Oct 2013 because walgreens all of a sudden developed a profile for me. I always go to board certified DR.s and carry my medical records with me most times. Ive been pain meds free since 2013 but still take neurotin for nerve pain in my legs from all the surgeries I've had. In June of 2014 Walgreens on us19 and hudson Ave in Husdon Florida had no problem filling a hydrocodone script for me but when I needed a new script for neurotin today again I was told my profile doesnt allow them to fill it.

I am ready and will jump aboard the first class action suit that comes out aganist Wallgreens.

They treat people like *** and like Junkies. I even had my knee operated on in May of 2013 and I was denied pill meds the dr from the hospital prescribed


Morgan and Morgan said not, not enough $$ for them


Yes i just talk to Morgan and Morgan about this was told sorry not our problem.


Was told the same thing by Morgan and Morgan. So much for "For the People". More like "For our own Pockets"!


All who doubt the reality of intractable pain are evil. If Pharmacists had any balls they would be advocates for intractable pain patients.

You, are not powerless, like someone who cannot get out of bed is. Have you ever listened to your loved one scream in pain, in bed, because of under-treatment.

Yes, anyone who is prescribed strong narcotics has tried every other ridiculous step therapy ( take epilepsy drugs , anti depressants, biofeedback electricity) before being prescribed anything, but that would leave you less room to be self righteous. Anyone calling my partner a junky needs to have their knees broken.


yes I have went to same pharmacy for last 4 months I was using the same company Walgreens just different stores because I would go one then next month they be out, I would have go to another one, I was told I needed go to one and stick with that one store well thought found it been going for 4 months then what happen I go in hand my scripts over tell them I will wait I waited 1 and half hour then I go ask how much longer Iam told another 20 min. Then 5 min, later Iam called up to counter and told that there system went down I ask how long ago she replys 15 20 min.

ago I then ask her you have had my script for one and half hours you are just telling me this she replied with well its last part that I have do my report. To let you know this is a pain medication and it is a dea run for med. That is why ask for your licence they do that at beginning the thing of it is she had just given a man his pain meds. 5 min.

before she called me up . This is such shame how our pharmacys lie what is going on with our system .

Yes there is people abuse them there is people that abuse alchole do the bars and liqure stores lie to them. thank you this is sad.

:sigh :cry