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I have lived in the area for over 30 years. The other pharmacies wanted me to have my M.D. prescribe me 10 (TEN) additional non-narcotic medications in order for them to fill my Rx. I believe this is a form of extortion and a conflict of interest for a pharmacy to make such demands.

Chronic pain is a serious, debilitating condition that requires strict, supervised care from a medical doctor. I have tried numerous alternative therapies to manage my pain without much success. My M.D. has my x-ray films, my blood work results, my biopsy results, my nerve conduction results, and my entire medical history.

For a pharmacist to deny his written orders for my medication because I fail to meet certain undisclosed criteria is beyond unprofessional and unethical conduct--its criminal!

Original review posted by user May 14, 2013

All of the Walgreens Pharmacies in Pasco County Florida have refused to honor my valid prescription for pain medication written by my Board Certified Medical Doctor. Other pharmacies such as CVS, Publix, and Sweetbay have also refused to fill my script. Walgreens used to consistently fill my medication; recently however, a Walgreens pharmacist told me that I do not meet certain criteria to have my pain medication filled. The pharmacist would not reveal the criteria, stating that it was against Walgreens’ corporate policy to speak about that with customers. Even though the pharmacy had the medication in-stock, I was denied because I did not meet their "secret criteria." I am in excruciating pain, and suffering withdrawal symptoms because I am forced to suddenly stop taking my medication--one of the warnings that are stated in the literature that accompanied my prior scripts.

The only solution I can think of is initiating a class action lawsuit against Walgreens, et al. I have contacted Morgan & Morgan ( and urge anybody who is having a similar problem to do the same. They may be reached at: 877-667-4265.

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All these people whining that they need their pain meds! Some of you are legitimately in pain and I truly feel for you, because I know the pain most of you describe, but for the rest of you, you all sound like a bunch of junkies.

Get a clue. It's not the pharmacist or the techs that are withholding pain meds, it's your insurance company and the DEA and their rules. How would you like it if I came into your place of business and forced you to do something illegal or go against company rules? Wouldn't like that would you?

I've had letters sent to me by my ins. company telling me they are going to charge me three times the amount for a certain medication and that I would need to see my doctor to be prescribed something else or face paying the up charge. And if you're getting pain meds more often in the month, that's a red flag as well and they have the right to limit how much and when you get it. Someone is right.

There are quite a few complaints coming out of Florida. Perhaps its time to move.


If you are calling my partner a junkie say it to my face. People like you are too yellow to actually kill someone directly but you will kill someone from suicide.

Yes, if you had 24/7 sheer agony worse than childbirth pain you would kill yourself if left without treatment.

In fact, I'm sure you would crumble long before the pain patients, who have endured pain WAY beyond what you imagine. You make me sick.


No, you get a clue! Most of us who are being denied are suffering from legit, and often long-term debilitating conditions.

In my case, I cannot take different meds because of a gastro issue. I work every day, all day, and need my meds to be able to function and to be able thereby to keep my job. And no, it's not time to move. It's time that Walgreens gets a *** clue that their long-time customers are by and large.

just average "Joes" who want to provide for their families and work everyday. And you, please get off your high horse.


We dont give a *** about the "junkies," they've caused this problem for people with REAL ILLNESSES! I wish worse pain than I have (untreated, walking causes unconsciousness) on everyone of them, the DEA, *** absentee parents who didn't keep meds locked away from their kids & now blame their little "angel" getting hooked on us, pharmacists, the whole medical field who are hiding under their proverbial blankets & not fighting for us!


I recently had the Walgreen's oath of secrecy when my Oxycodone 15 mg script was NOT Filled. I have been on teh same doasge...regular months and written LEGALLY from an excellent standing Pain Management Doctor within our Community.

I suffer with horribly pain nerve damage from a Doctor's surgical neglience, along with stroke pain and recently had Cancer....Guess, I don't "fit" their cirteria????! Hmmmm? Guess that 8 weeks course to become a Pharamsits is basically to learn variosu way's to tell the Patient "No", after already agreeing to fill my script and I was told it would be ready within 1 hour, after approved my Cigna Insurance, as usual. Oh, AND..

they lied about contacting my Doctor's office to confirm, which I was delighted.. went home and then came that voicemail from thsi snotty 25 year old kid telling me I would have to suffer for day's in agony,cause he didn't feel my medications fit the criteria??! Seriously?!

Makes me wonder what is going to become to become of many Pharmacies after someone commits, or does something disastrous from suffering through with drawls...

cause maybe that is what it's going to take... wish and Pray it wouldn't, yet always takes something as such to make things become better or become truly noticed where change is concerned..

.. I forgot.. Didn't my DOCTOR attend School for MANY Year's??

Not a certificate program and think he would know better.. ego and control is all and stupidity.

It's Easter weekend and my with drawls are beginning, being my last table was take this directed.. I'm scared and horribly in fear, as my Doctor's hands are tied..

ALL the other Pharmacies don't have their orders, or other patients have had theirs filled and sadly... Not receiving anymore of oxycodone until late next week. I already waited two days AFTER my script was supposed to be filled, yet my regular Pharmacy hadn't received their order, which they were told they would today. I'm upset, frustrated,cause now this places me in a horrible mood towards others, going to be in a great deal of pain tonight and all weekend, until next week, which my Doctor called another order in for me and hopefully that lower class will be filled instead, yet at the same Pharmacy as that snot nosed twerp who wouldn't fill my last script, cause "he" hadn't felt comfortable, so Heaven only knows if he's going to be spiteful again.

Power is everything to these people.. Thank you DEA... For scaring everyone, as well..

You made more suffering with in our U.S., than anything else,which you're NOT protecting the U.S.

Citizens.. Not at all.

I'm still waiting for the day I read in the paper, or hear in media about an Attorney standing up for us, patient's being victimized by these horrible Pharmacist.. Where they truly believe 'they' Pharmacist's are allowed to continue to make these foolish choices over Degree earned wise Doctor's..seems as if they have an upper-hand, when indeed they truly do NOT.

I undertand protection and heard about past pill mills ect.. that time has ceased since then and we just need to have our Doctors gain THEIR rights back.. Patients rights back.. Walgreens lied about contacting my Doctor..which the should of,cause they would had an ear full..

My Doctor currently is LIVID at this lil snot who refused,too! His legal script for HIS patients.. HIS Patient's care not has been taunted with,cause of a Pharmacist.. HOLD These twerps accountable,cause think that mentally would change..

why it is EVEN Questioned is way beyond me, cause my Doctor should ONLY have the final say,even when breaking a confidentially LAW when my Pharmacist has to inquiry, now forced to be on scripts of why I "deserve" my pain medications.. Losing control these Doctors are.. Perhaps maybe I should visit my Pharmacist when I have more spine damage, or a migraine,cause guess what... DEA..

you gave these little as*holes permission to pick and choose. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

@Melissa T ***ed Lady

I'm so sorry for your illnesses. I really truly am.

But now you're being vindictive and snotty yourself about something you know nothing about. 8 week course to become a pharmacist? I have a feeling you weren't much of a "lady" to them as you claim to be. A pharmacist does what the insurance company claims.

Your beef is with your insurance. If they refuse to pay or allow a drug to be dispensed, the pharmacist cannot give it to you. Instead of insulting people, maybe you need to realize that too much pain meds is a red flag on their part and they have to follow the law, not give in to your temper tantrums. Hope all goes well for you, but perhaps you need to calm yourself down and think before you speak.

No one is your slave or your punching bag. Stop acting like you know it all when you in fact, no absolutely NOTHING at all.

Good luck. You'll need it, along with a good lesson in humility, patience and realizing you need to blame the right people, not the pharmacist.


You are ***. Period.

Get off your High Horse. I am DONE with dealing with people like you. As the partner of a pain patient, I KNOW!.

Have you ever listened to the one you love most screaming in pain because she is under-treated? If you have not, you have no right to even have an opinion.


Walgreens fined $80 million

Industry observers say Walgreen's decision to change its policy regarding the distribution of pain pills was borne out of necessity.

The company introduced its Good Faith Dispensing Policy and GFD checklist earlier this year as it was embroiled in a massive investigation by the US Department of Justice and US Drug Enforcement Administration. Federal agents targeted six Walgreens drug stores and a Walgreens distribution center in Florida, where they caught the company repeatedly filling bogus prescriptions for pain pills.

"These retail pharmacies filled the prescriptions for addictive prescription narcotics despite obvious red flags that clearly indicated the prescriptions were illegitimate, and the drugs were likely to be diverted for street use," said U.S.

Attorney Wilfredo Ferrer, culminating a year-long investigation by the US Drug Enforcement Agency.

Walgreens agreed to pay an $80 million fine for those violations, and as part of its settlement, the company promised to improve its policies and procedures to help reduce prescription drug abuse involving addictive pain narcotics.

That's when Walgreens rolled out its GFD checklist, and told its employees to implement it – quietly. "Managers made it clear … we don't want the patients to be made aware this what we're doing," Ryan told 13 Investigates.

"They never really explained why. I just figured we had to do it to give Walgreens cover because of what happened in Florida."


The truly sad part is, many legitimate patients are now being forced to suffer. My mother-in-law is a diabetic amputee, with Sciatica, neuropathy, herniated discs, and curviture of the spine.

She has been on the same dosage of the same med for many years.She has used the same Walgreens to fill her meds for 10+ years. She is on more than just opiates, the opiates are simply for her chronic pain. She does not see a "Quack" doctor, her Doc is a certified University of Florida physician. Walgreens has now refused to fill her meds anymore, as they have with many other patients.

This has caused people to go elsewhere to get filled, witch has led to no local pharmacies having meds in stock. After 4 days of trying to aquire her meds, she has now started having siezures from the withdrawals. She is now hospitalized and under constant watch, due to the fact that the doctors are afraid she will have another heart attack. When is this gonna end ?

This may sound harsh, but I almost wish these DEA and Pharmacists responsible would get the privelege of experiencing chronic debillitating pain, just to be able the see the flip side of the coin. Frustrated and feeling near the end of the rope.


Walgreens, CVS, Cardinal health (distributor ) decided they would get into the drug dealing business by overordering ,Cardinal employees skimming pills from the supplies, then diverting to these shopping mall type "pain mill stores. There's where these "huge increase in oxy products being "dispensed" happened, NOT by patients.

It was for Governor Scott's wife(owner of illegal presciption pill mill stores!) They got caught, I don't do business with drug dealers, won't buy chewing gum from either.

So CVS stops selling cigarettes, their lame attempt to appear responsible. They wouldn't have got involved in a drug diverting scheme in the 1st place if they were truly responsible & health conscious!


Interesting how many comments are from Florida... maybe Florida does have a problem with over prescribing pain doctors.. hmmm...


It's not Walgreens doing this, it's the goverment, who have bumped people down to a Tier 1,with our Part D Medicare insurance, and they won't allow us tochange our Tier! The phamacies hands r tied!

I'm unable to get out of bed now and I've had the insurance company lie to my face about my coverage!

Something needs to b done to help those of us who have legitimate medical issues who DO NOT abuse our medications!! But, I don't know who will help us as they think we're all guilty!


Dear Banned's......its probably because you are all closet help and stop whinning....the pharmacy is doing you a favor....or switch to vodka and drink your pain away....its all about the body is buying your cry story


you are *** dumb here become an alcoholic instead ateeheehee *** *** when people are "junkies" they are normally not all up in the internet fighting for their rights also disabled people have issues doing it too. I hopoe one day you suffer like the little *** you are.


You are out of your mind! You are ignorant!

I do not wish the pain that I feel and have felt for the past 14 years of my life due to herniated discs, nerve damage and rheumatoid arthritis on anyone, but if you could experience it for just one day, as you try to do your job and support your child, as a single mother, who refuses to suck off society at the age of 38 when she can work, although not without horrible pain, you might understand. I have been on the same medicine, same dosage for the past 6 years and I have just recently been made to feel like a criminal drug addict, going from pharmacy to pharmacy to fill it, spending hours because they will not tell you over the phone if they have it.

I have never "lost" a prescription, I have never asked for it early, I'm just trying to live best that I can with the challenges with which God has presented me and I thank him every day that it is not something worse orlife threatening. Drinking is an ignorant solution, I pray to God that you get a clue.


LTTC Fortunately for you,it's obvious that you've never had to watch a loved one suffer in agonizing pain, and be badmouthed by someone who knows nothing about the actual situation. My wonderful 30 year old daughter, born strong and healthy, but at age 17, was robbed of her carefree future by a devastating, and debilitating diseae.

Muscular dystrophy. During the past 13 years her illness progrssed into multiple, overlapping au-immune disorders , which have laft her disabled, and having to live in excrutiating pain. Her numerr

ous specialists ALL agree that she must be treated with strong prescription pain medicines, in order to even survive, let alone function.

Please, the next time you choose to comment on a topic about which you know nothing, engage your brain before your mouth. You've just told anyone who reads your comment, that you are outspoken and ignorant, on top of being mean and assinine.

@George Sullivan

Sorry for all the typos in my comment above... I wrote my reply from a small cell phone and could not see the keypad clearly. I sincerely hope that LTTC rediscovers their own humanity.



I HOPE you get into a bad ...No..

I apologize a HORRIBLE life threatening painful car accident, which you have to feel the pain my Patient have daily! For the rest of your snide miserable life...

THEN.. You will be the one whining when you are NOT allowed pain medication's to assist with your daily activities, that is if you can walk....

In fact, I hope I become YOUR Doctor when that happens, as I won't prescribe you anything and just allow you to endure in agony.

Then will you truly know.

Alcohol doesn't help you, ***!


First off you ignorant imbecile not all patients seeking a pharmacy to fill their pain meds are " junkies." There are many reasons for Doctors to prescribe pain meds. And for an individual to be judged by the medications they take is wrong.

A Pharmacist has no right to assume the individual is abusing pain meds is wrong as well. I am a Substance Abuse Therapist/Clinical & Behavioral Psych. I hear these stories everyday. If the patient brings in a prescription and the pharmacist should call the doctor to verify, not assume and belittle the patient.

I know that it's a wide spread problem (addiction) but it could and should be handled differently. And as for "switch to vodka" statement, I think it's safe to say you are ignorant about this subject. So why don't you stop commenting on things you have no clue about and see yourself off this website. It's people like you who give stupidity it's meaning.

So until you have a degree or have experience with addition, go back to your crayons and coloring books.

Take care and may your life remain as perfect as it must be now. (Empathy is a word you might want to look up, because you obviously haven't any clue what it means.) :(


Yopu are ***. I wish I could talk,,uh yea, talk to you in person.

If you have to deal with severe pain you would *** youself immediately. You are yellow and have no idea what you are tsalking about. You think someone wants to be bedridden? Do you even know what that means?

There by the grace of God etc.

Walk a mile in someone's shoes. The level of hatred for one's fellow Americans I see disgusts me.