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I have lived in the area for over 30 years. The other pharmacies wanted me to have my M.D. prescribe me 10 (TEN) additional non-narcotic medications in order for them to fill my Rx. I believe this is a form of extortion and a conflict of interest for a pharmacy to make such demands.

Chronic pain is a serious, debilitating condition that requires strict, supervised care from a medical doctor. I have tried numerous alternative therapies to manage my pain without much success. My M.D. has my x-ray films, my blood work results, my biopsy results, my nerve conduction results, and my entire medical history.

For a pharmacist to deny his written orders for my medication because I fail to meet certain undisclosed criteria is beyond unprofessional and unethical conduct--its criminal!

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All of the Walgreens Pharmacies in Pasco County Florida have refused to honor my valid prescription for pain medication written by my Board Certified Medical Doctor. Other pharmacies such as CVS, Publix, and Sweetbay have also refused to fill my script. Walgreens used to consistently fill my medication; recently however, a Walgreens pharmacist told me that I do not meet certain criteria to have my pain medication filled. The pharmacist would not reveal the criteria, stating that it was against Walgreens’ corporate policy to speak about that with customers. Even though the pharmacy had the medication in-stock, I was denied because I did not meet their "secret criteria." I am in excruciating pain, and suffering withdrawal symptoms because I am forced to suddenly stop taking my medication--one of the warnings that are stated in the literature that accompanied my prior scripts.

The only solution I can think of is initiating a class action lawsuit against Walgreens, et al. I have contacted Morgan & Morgan ( and urge anybody who is having a similar problem to do the same. They may be reached at: 877-667-4265.

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I too have now been banned from walgreens for no reason at all. The pharmacist who was new to the location state my script quantity was too high and the dosage was too high. I explained I have follows all of their rules exactly the way they want me too and demanded to know why I was being banned. She could only tell me it was her professional option that I did not need the medication I was on. I told her I had been on this medication for several years and don't see how she can replace my doctor based on no information whatsoever. I then spoke to the store manage who also advised I need to have my dosage adjusted in order to have my prescription filled.

I have been to the same doctor for more than 6 years. I have drug test ran monthly as well as year MRI's and other test. I have a disease that will eventually put me in a wheel chair only if I'm lucky and not in the grave. I am sick to my stomach right now at the fact they have the ability to replace my doctor without any test whatsoever.

I would love to sue this company and invite any attorney to contact me at my email address.


Pain is all in your head. Get psychological help.


Are those voices in your head telling you that?

Too bad there isn't anyone who can help you, truegrit.

What ever you do, don't take an aspirin for that - you may become a drug addict and abuser of meds.




Learn something before you post. Look yup RSD/CRPS.

Pain worse than childbirth,24/7 No I realize you perverts are just trying to abuse people who are already at rock bottom, but hey, your just a subhuman. I think you need to be smacked by the partner of one of these people you are calling junkie. I know I could make you hurt as bad, no actually nowhere near as bad but still pain, with a .22 to the kneecap. Anything less and you wouldn't understand the kind of pain an intractable pain patient.

There are physical diseases that cause immense pain. I do not understand why idiots think they have a right to an opinion on something they know NOTHING about.


We as pharmacists have to comply with strict state and federal laws when filling your controlled substances. Although many cases of early refills or dangerous cocktails are legitimate, most are not.

Controlled substances are controlled by the government and various corporations due to their ability to cause dependence. If you are one of the people on this message board complaining of these drug laws, please understand that it is generally not personal. It just gets old when we hear the same story about "excruciating pain" or "I got these pills stolen" or "we are going out of town and need them early" or "the bottle says this date so why cant I get it today" or "I can't sleep until I take my pills" or "you lost the prescription that I gave you a week ago, so you need to call my doctor for a new one." I have been a pharmacist for 1 year, and it has already caused my heart to ice over. I have no sympathy for you or your pain.

You consistently try to strip my livelihood from me by asking me to do things that are against the law. I will continue to be the "***" that does not give an inch when it comes to your "pain."


As a chronic pain patient, I too get tired of hearing the same old story from pharmacists: government restrictions, corporate policies, DEA regulations, medication back-orders, etc.

The major difference between our frustrations is that you chose to become a pharmacist--I never chose to have chronic pain. You entered into a branch of healthcare where you deal directly with the public. If your heart has "iced-over," and you no longer feel sympathy for those in need of your expertise; if you feel that your livelihood is being "stripped," from your customers, it's time to consider another profession.

Being a healthcare professional takes great skill, and a sincere desire to help those in need. In the period of just one year, you have lost faith--not only in your fellow man, but also your role as a healthcare provider.

Please, find it within yourself to explore alternative career paths--not only for your own sanity, but for the sake of those who rely on your services...


Very well put. I am a medical assistant, and have dealt with chronic pain patients, as well as abusers.

It's quite easy most of the time to tell the difference. My mother was an LPN and always told me that once you lose your heart in working in the health care field, it's time to get out. This pharmacist sounds like he never had the heart to be in health care, if only after a year he talks this way.

I worked for 25 years in the Dr's office, and loved it.


Thank you! There needs to be more healthcare professionals like you!

Individuals who can find a balance between what your head knows and what your heart feels are valuable assets.

People are varied and diverse and should be treated with this in mind. A one-size-fits-all attitude has no place in healthcare


Thank you. There are many who find the job (like pharmacist or doctor) to lucrative financially to leave, screw the patient.

Tanny, I bet the patients love you. When I meet someone like you, I am always so grateful, I've given more than one doctor or nurse in office a thank you.

This week my one doctor got brownies.

My physical therapists got letters of recommendation for their compassion when I had knee replacement surgery. They were so supportive, I really was blessed.

I may not have much to offer but I believe a thank you sometimes goes a long way.


Except that:

We didn't put our elected officials into office single handedly.

We don't choose the head of the DEA.

We don't choose the State's entire Board of Pharmacy.

They can fine us, take our job from us and ruin our lives.

The people as a whole must rise up and stop putting the blame

on a licensed professional doing his job the way his licensing authority has told him to do it, and instead attack that authority.

Attack the DEA and attack the State Board of Pharmacy.


Who has said anything like that? WE HAVE REAL PAIN!



I don't bother trying to argue with idiots. Until someone has experienced serious, life altering pain, they have no compassion.

There isn't room in my life for trying to make them change, they won't because they rely solely on experience as their guild or are sociopaths or narcissists -the last two can't identify with others, they seek the "weak" to attack.


I am one of those wih several chronic conditions that are a life long punishment I will have to cope with. For 8 years of going to Walgreens, it has come to an end.

I now pay the real drug dealers for my meds. The Mom & Pop shops charging $6 for a hydromorphone 8mg.

ago I decided to try Walgreens again and was not even allowed to fill my amoxicillin for bronchitis because Ihad a script for a narcotic as well.Also I do try to fill after 28 days in case they are out of stock. Ots sad when I get filled at mom & pop I have to kiss their *** and thank them so much though I just paid an insane qmount to get meds filled as I will need them next month.


Oh my PharmerBen, you are a novice, in the field for just a year...ever think about a career change, say maybe your local RMV? You work in a field that should not become numb to compassion and definiately should not generalize and discriminate, as I know this first hand working as a nurse over 10 years.

True healthcare PROFESSIONALS don't justify their pompass, rude, objective attitues based on a few bad apples (note key word being professional).

To say the least, you have a bad attitude that lacks class, impartiality, respect and sympathy.


Oh, that same old story about excruciating pain. You poor little pharmacist.

I hope we chronic pain patients haven't annoyed you with your job too much! If only we could just be passively annoyed instead of suffer from that excruciating pain you spoke of...


PharmerBen, perhaps you should go into a new field. One where your iced over heart would be more content. I was thinking prison guard, but I fear the prisoners might force you to do something illegal and strip you of your livelihood.

Since you're obviously new to the field being a pharmacist ( One year) your opinion means very little to me. Nor should it mean much to anyone.

Opposing these laws and being one of the so called complainers you tire of are not the same thing. I have been a chronic pain patient for 15 years. I have a great relationship with my pharmacy and pharmacist who are aware of my condition. I have never asked them to do anything illegal. I know what my pharmacy is allowed to do and not. So asking would be futile. Yes, there are people who abuse the system. Some are doctors and pharmacists. Some are patients.

However, you have lost all compassion and admitting such you have no business being a pharmacist.

If your heart has iced over in one year, I think you have other issues. I know my pharmacist loves his job. HIs compassion is intact.

Furthermore a good pharmacies front end staff should be the ones turning away people who are just asking for something that is against the law. Not the busy pharmacist. You just tell them to talk to their doctor. What's so hard about that?

There is a huge difference in doing that and turning down a valid prescription given out by a valid doctor who spent far more time in med school than you did learning to count pills.

Only you can allow someone to srtip you of your livelihood by doing something illegal at someone elses request. Only you can allow yourself to break the law. If you can't handle that, you should find another job.

You have obviously never been in chronic intractable pain for years on end. Never prayed to gods you don't believe in for relief. I still have a heart and I truly hope you never do. I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

I already signed a pain contract. I already see my doctor every 30 days for med check. I already get tested randomly to ensure I am taking my meds correctly and not selling them or abusing them. I allready tried every conceivable non narcotic solution, even know many are more dangerous to my health. I already have been poked and prodded and found that my only viable option is opioid pain meds.

So we as patients also deal with allot of laws and guidelines, just as our doctors do. Just as you do. And the last thing we want, is you as our pharmacist.

We also do not want any more laws that lead to a single valid patient not getting the meds they need.

@Customer Joe

Amen, Customer Joe! You are clearly an intelligent, compassionate individual who has much experience dealing with ignorant, self-absorbed, inexperienced, heartless fools like PharmerBen. PharmerBen represents a malignancy on the face of humanity, and his thoughts and opinions reflect the worst example of the human condition...


PharmerBen... You said "I have been a pharmacist for 1 year... I have no sympathy for you or your pain.", and "It just gets old when we hear the same story about "excruciating pain", and "I will continue to be the "***" that does not give an inch when it comes to your "pain"."

Your cold and callous comments reveal a very immature and anti social personality, that I believe should disqualify you from working in the medical field. In addition,the very fact that you would write such statements in a public format, such as this, expose a very serious lack of sound judgement.

As the father of a seriously ill, 29 year old daughter, I am appalled by your willingness to admit your own contempt for the very people that you were trained and hired to serve. My wonderful daughter has suffered from Muscular Dystrophy, Scleroderma, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, for twelve years, and if you knew anything about these painful and debilitating conditions, I would hope that you would be ashamed of your demeaning and contemptuous statements.

If I had not myself, personally encountered the disdain that you have described, when we fill my little girls pain relief prescriptions, I would not believe that another human being could have such a shallow and intolerant attitude, toward sick, old and injured people.

Ben, I sincerely hope that you never have to see a loved one suffer the pain that my daughter has endured for nearly half of her life. In addition, I hope that neither you, nor any of your loved ones, ever has to be subjected to the anxiety and humiliation that the shameful prejudice you've displayed, has reigned down on my own daughter.

I actually do feel pity for you, PharmaBen, due to the cruel and sociopathic personality disorder, that your sick and twisted comments reveal. Please seek professional help, before you do further harm to the patients/customers that have put their trust in you.

I seriously doubt that you were born to be the "***", that you proudly claim to be. Counseling should help you to work past your hate for those people whom you do not understand.


I am a little old lady. I also have several medical conditions and I suffer intensely every single day and night.

I do not abuse drugs and never have. I have never "lost" an Rx, tried to get one filled early or otherwise attempted to scam a Dr. a pharmacist or anyone else in anyway. You clearly do not belong in any type of medical field, except to mop the floor.

I suspect you may be a sociopath. There may be some who try to take advantage, but there are many who do NOT, you arrogant, cold hearted ignorant person. Do you not know someone, personally, who has a chronic, painful illness?

Where is your compassion for those who DO suffer? Treating everyone with this attitude of suspicion makes you a special kind of monster.