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I have multiple sclerosis, disk degenerative disease, disk hernation, and severe arthritis, I am the poster child for someone who is a legitimate pain patient. I go to a dr that counts medication and drugs tests but yet Walgreens will not fill my prescription in citrus county, Florida.

And I can't take it to another county.

Pine ride pharmacy actually took my prescription only to tell me hours later they would not fill it.

I am still in serious pain can barely type this and even to the point of hiring an attorney and calling DEA. If anyone lives near citrus county and you're a legitimate pain patient lets protest

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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Anonymous-Maybe floida has alot of people on meds because the majority of people living there are elderly.And when your old you can have more medical conditions that require pain meds ....oh like cancer ms rumatiod artrtis lou garrets diease and so many others.Maybe when all the old people move out of florida and take all that retirement money with them and florida goes bankrupt then maybe florida will change but by then will it be to late for them.Then all you younger people can have an extremly higher tax rate to make up for all the old people who moved away because they could not get their meds that thier legal doctor pescribed.


I have a vacation home in florida now i am hosestly reconsidering moving there on retirement. I know people who live there that go every 3 months to wiscinsin or new york just to see the doctor and to get their meds cause they cannot get them there.I cannot afford that.


I know what u mean but no one in true agonizing pain should be turned away this is not how u go about fixing a drug problem in a state This is a state w many elderly & legit pain patients my wife has cancer should she be denied her pain meds :(


What you are is a "PAIN MEDS FREAK.The pharmacy is probably saving your freaking live.What is wrong with you people in "Florida".


I also have had 4 back surgeries, and trying to live a normal life with not only another bulging disc but also arthritis and unable to sit for long periods due to nothing but scar tissue between L4 and L5 discs. I can't speak for everyone here on this site, but I am in legitimate pain.

Some days are better than others. However, if you understood anything about living in pain and you've taken mess legally for years and suddenly you find your legal scripts can't be filled and on top of that your treated like pond *** for trying to live a semi normal life, you might not put everyone in that category. Hopefully you won't ever know what's its like to have intense pain and then be treated like some street corner junkie for getting a script filled. Yes some have abused the "pill mill" industry, but believe me, to get this script you have to go through MRIS urine testing, EKG's on a regular bases.


The problem is everyone is not an absurd, some of us have legitimate issues and this gives us a somewhat normal life! So don't be so quick to judge!


I moved here from Fl to be near family as I fight cancer. First thing I had to deal with was finding a "Pain Doctor" for treating my pain.

In NY I had an oncologist, neurologist, and surgeon as my main med team. They prescribed my pain medication (did not have a pain doctor). In Florida the oncologist told me that I would need a pain doctor since they had to follow special procedures to dispense meds. OK, an extra step but if it is what is necessary.

The pain doctor gets all the files and prescribes me meds.

I can not get them filled. I travel from pharmacy to pharmacy. As I am a recent transplant from out of state, the pharmacists do not want to fill my scripts. My NY doctors intercede filling my scrip from Sloan Kettering and getting me meds while I work on figuring a way to resolve the issue in Fl.

Just what a cancer patient wants to do as they fight for their life. I finally find a Wallmart to fill a prescription, but they will only fill/or only have 1/3rd of the script.

Enough to last me 10 days. This is not proper.


I am offended by your response a PAIN MEDS FREAK what is that to u. you will be in pain one day where you would beg god for help and I hope you don't go through what some of us have too its not about junkies anymore its gone to far


If someone has a legitimate prescription from a licensed physician it is NOT up to the pharmacy as to whether or not the person is a drug addict. I've been in health care for 30 years and the fact this person was treated this way is reprehensible.

Annonymous? Why didn't you post your venomous remark under your real name? I use to feel the same way you appear to feel about people that take pain medication. Then I was diagnosed, by a reputable neurologist, with Multiple Sclerosis.

The pain, at times, is unbearable. I also have a prescription for pain medication that I get filled every 3-4 months. I only take it when I absolutely have to because I don't want to become addicted.

My doctor also carefully watches my medications. Karma is a *** and someday this may be you!


If Karma's a ***, I hope it's a *** to Anonymous of Sioux Falls.

Couldn't happen to a nicer person other than LadyScot.

These two Karma magnets throw insults at people constantly. They need to wear the shoes of the pain inflicted and see how tight they actually are!


Thank you for your post and reply to another ignorant, uneducated remark by the "Pain Meds Freak" comment up there. I have had chronic pain since a horrid accident nearly claimed my life 20 plus years ago. After piecing back my neck and body together that took 5 months in a hospital and another year of outpatient therapy to basically start a very different life all over again. I did not take any meds until 4 years ago when it was just became unbearable. I have had two pain Dr. specialists treating me with Roxycodones. I had tried every form of therapy out there and nothing broke through for this intense constant pain. Imagine if you would a person with Fibromyalgia combined with multiple compression neck fractures with my left upper neck muscles so tight its like wringing out a wet t-shirt. There is another post on this site that we contact MORGAN & MORGAN that is putting together a class action lawsuit against Walgreens which a couple of days ago I was discriminated against and they refused to fill my prescription. The following was a post by an individual who filed with them.

The only solution I can think of is initiating a class action lawsuit against Walgreens, et al!. I have contacted Morgan & Morgan (http://www,.forthepeople;.com/contact_us..htm) and urge anybody who is having a similar problem to do the same.. They may be reached at: 877-667-4265.


GET INVOLVED WE ARE BEING UNFAIRLY TREATED, ABUSED, and treated like drug addicts. This insanity has to stop. We are unlawfully being profiled.


ammendment to my post above . I forgot to add that the two doctors who are treating me: one was in Los Angeles, when I lived there, and currently I am being treated by my Primary Care Physician in Las Vegas.


Sorry to hear you can't get to meds you need to help with your pain. My husband also suffers with chronic pain and has had similar complications getting his prescriptions filled.

Florida has cracked down on doctors and pharmacists so much that legitimate pain patients are suffering in the bureaucracy. Like everything else, it's easier to take it away from everyone instead of focusing on the abusers. Has your doctor tried talking to the pharmacists? Try CVS if you have one in your area.

Talk to a pharmacist about this issue before giving them your prescription. My husband has turned in his script to be filled and when he returned to pick it up was told they no longer fill for this med.

Good luck and hang in there.


Self-hypnosis and OTC pain meds, seriously? That's a BS answer and you know it.

That type of thing (OTC meds, not hypnosis; that's completely ineffective) might work for the occasional tension headache, but certain types of pain are severe and/or chronic, and require stronger medication to manage it. There's a reason tylenol isn't the sole analgesic used for any and every condition.

And while there are a small percentage of people that overstate their pain or make things up to get meds, have you ever considered that maybe the reason people with actual, proven conditions can work is BECAUSE they are on meds that appropriately manage their pain? That's the whole point of pain management as a field of medicine.


What is legitimate pain? I know several people that have doctors convinced that they are in all this pain, and the doctors give them constant pain medication.

It is amazing for all the legitimate pain they are in, they can work, do volunteer work, leading tours in historic places, and on and on. Teach yourself to do self hypnosis for pain relief, it does work, and when it doesn't work completely a couple over the counter pain medications takes care of the remaining pain.

Keeping busy also helps with pain relief. Sitting around pouting about it, does nothing.


Wow, talk about a lack of compassion. I guess you have never experienced severe chronic pain before.

Before I went to a pain management clinic four years ago to get medication for my disease, I was bedridden and on disability. Within a few months I was employed full time and went back to college.

All thanks to my pain being managed by the right medication. Have a heart and put yourself in someone else's shoes.


I can't take your "Bag of Corporate Hot Air" anymore!!! I know this because I am (now was, due to injuries) one of those for over 20 years.

Come clean or shut up!

Camille - a now unemployed corporate windbag just trying to care for her 16 y/o daughter with Down Syndrome


I am in pain and being seen by a great Dr who is seeing me until I get into a Dr better suited to treat my pain. My Dr's follow every step they are supposed to by starting you out with something small and moving up until they find what gives you relief and I still have to worry about how I'm going to get my pain meds filled everytime I go to the Dr and it should NOT be like that.

If they have the means to call the actual Dr's office to verify its a real script then that's what they should do.

I live in Oklahoma where prescription pill abuse and script fraud is the worst in the united states but that does not mean everyone with a script for pain doesn't really need them. They have taken it way too far.


anonomous read Jens reply below. If my chronic pain cannot be managed properly by my Dr.

which he has done so for years then I am in a fetal position, worthless, and totally unproductive. All thanks to my compassionate Doctor I can have some type of quality life.

I also meditate but I have to do so standing up as i cannot sit for more than 15 mins at a time. Love and compassion "anonomous" ever heard of that?