Spartanburg, South Carolina

Went to Walgreen's to get prescription. Fill one of three.

Walgreen's after I return to pick up prescription says they have a deal with the hospital, either I fill all or none, I said I'm not taking the other one they want me to fill, so I had to get my prescription returned, ***here is my issue*** is Walgreen so money hungry now the they knowing I have no intentions of taking the other meds, doesn't care just as long as I fill it with them so they can put the money in their pocket.*** how do the insurance companies feel about this,???? How does medicare & medicaid feel about this?? How does the person that pays cash feel about this???? And being almost 60 is Walgreen's allowed to have this maffia style force selling its drugs to the public,?????

*** each human individual has the right!!

To take or * not* take what they want, Walgreen's in Denver north Carolina!!! On 16 & 150 hwy** find another way to fill your pockets,*** insurance companies, & federal government, *** stop this force sell to the public*** they are **my** prescriptions and I will take or fill what ** I** want to.....

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Why didn't you tell that doctor not to write a prescription for the other two medications since you are not going to take them? How bout next time you just tell the doctor what to write for you so you won't have this problem?


The problem in this case is that a lot of people go to the hospital or doctor and get a prescription for pain med and antibiotic and they only want the pain med. It is a red flag for abuse when someone wants the pain med only. Don't know the particular meds you were filling but I bet if you had a pain medication and an antibiotic and asked for just the antibiotic there would not have been an issue.

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