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Just want to know why Walgreens slogan is "be well" but when you check out at the register, the cashier tried to convience you to buy candy bars.

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Candy bars agent necessarily unhealthy unless they are eaten in excessive amounts. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself from time to time and it can actually help a person to lead a better life. Also, why would you be upset about the candy bars, that aren't necessarily harmful, but you're not upset that they sell cigarettes, which are definitely harmful?


Their other slogan is Happy & Healthy. Candy bars would fall under happy, and we all know that happiness can make people well. Sure, there are exceptions, but so does everything else in life.


Why do you think candy is automatically unhealthy? Why do you think your ideas are automatically correct for everyone?

Why are you not able to say no to a suggestion of a candy bar?

So nobody can have a candy bar because you think it's not healthy? BBBB b b b