I had just got my $35 reward points added, the next day I tried using them and they said I only had $10.

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How many points does your second receipt say? Because the full situation isn't known, there could be many reasons.

Was your transaction $35 or more?

If it was, did it include tobacco, alcohol, dairy, gift cards, other electronic cards, etc?

You are unable to redeem points on these items.

If your transaction was less than $20, then the most you can redeem is $10 for that transaction.

**If your newest receipt no longer states you have 30,000 points or more like your older receipt, then either you, someone you know, or someone else used your points.

I highly recommend going to Walgreens.com, your Walgreens app, or calling the phone number on the back of your rewards card to figure out how many points you have and your recent transactions. Other than that, if you used your rewards card one purchase and looked up your account by phone number on the next purchase; then you may have two different accounts.

Calling Walgreens should remedy this situation. Hope this helps!!!!!!


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