I stopped going to Walgreens years ago due to extreme lack of customer service and huge delays in filling prescriptions. However, my spouse continues to accept retail abuse from this place. All of his prescriptions are filled here.

I went there yesterday with him as he needed to purchase two non-prescription items which were on sale. The cashier rang the items up and the sale price did not register. Now Walgreens has a new program...you must have a Walgreens shopper card to get sale prices. So easy...just enter your phone number and presto!

He entered his phone number. Since my husband is a Walgreens pharmacy customer up popped his address and date of birth.

It seems that the shopper card is coordinated with the customer's pharmacy information.

Is this an invasion of privacy? Yes it is. A customer's pharmacy information should remain in the pharmacy and not in Walgreens central data system.

So beware if you use Walgreens pharmacy. Walgreens obviously uses your personal information for other than prescription purchases.

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Not sure who's voting down. I would suggest the site views the IP addresses. I believe the ratings are from employees.


The information is pulled from either the pharmacy or photo. The cashier does not see prescription history.

The only information that is seen and stored within the card is name, address, and dob. After the initial setup when the card is scanned all the cashier can see is the first name.

If you want you can just make everything up. Just remember the fake zipcode you give because you wont be able to redeem your bonus points without it.


It could have also come from the photo department. Either way, it's not like it has any information you can't gather through google.


If no connection to the pharmacy then how did his info pop up like that? Hummm, must be connected to pharmacy info as that is the only place Walgreen's has his info.

And you think a customer's personal and supposedly confidential pharmacy information in a retail establishment it public iformation? Where did you find that out?

And further to the comment the country is falling apart and this is all I have to worry about. This little invasion of privacy is just one subtle little undermining of this country.

So little that most ignore it. Invasion of one's privacy is contributing to the "falling apart" of this contry, as well as citizen apathy to it.


Lady that information is public and its has nothing to do with him using the pharmacy


Really, the coutry is falling appart, and you main concern is a simple commercial?

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