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Walgreens advertising is so deceptive that you only get half of what you think you are getting. When you question customer service they try to make a fool out of you with their response.

Do not use their web site to buy anything. i wish i had read some of the complaints before i made my order. many others have been duped by them and they keep getting away with it, even the prescription department is a rip off.

i am a senior and it is easir for me to order on line but i believe i will change my habits. I can't afford to be ripped off.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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An older woman friend of mine recently picked-up a couple of scripts from walgreens. One of them, for which they charged her $14, was a generic and also was available on their shelf as an OTC for about half that price.

At Wal-mart it cost less than $4.

Walgreens refuses to allow her to return the drug and get a refund. This woman is disabled and that extra $10 makes a significant difference to her lifestyle.


in response to "drachensnack." By relating the customer experience in the fashion "eileen913" did, she cannot have the validity of her story examined properly, therefore ensuring that she keeps her "version" of things completely intact.


How can you make a complaint without reinforcing it with a story? What happened?

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