Memphis, Tennessee
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Always count your RX when picked up. Customers BEWARE! When you pick up your prescription from this Walgreens @ 8046 Macon Rd

Cordova, TN 38018, be sure to do a count to make sure you actually got what you paid for.

If you don't, good luck trying to get it corrected. These employees are at the top of the RUDE scale.

Worst of the Worst!

Dec 2011. When they messed up on my wife's Rx shorting her 2 patches out of 10. They took back all her RX. Held it for several days. Made her go to her dr. & get another RX for the 2 patches they shorted her. When all was said & done she ended up with 6 out of the 12 RX patches missing. All the same as called her a lier and when I tried to reconcile the situation they asked me to leave the store. They have mess up orders for us before but never to this extent. Oviously they don't need our business.

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They asked you to leave the store????I am going to go out on a limb here and guess you were not using your inside voice or clean language? LOL It is ok to get angry when people are not getting you what you need when you are paying them so much money but their day already sucked working at Walgreens...if you are kind to them they will usually go out of their way for you...I know I do when patients are nice to me :D....but if not... your problems might go to the end of our long list....something about catching more flys with honey...


I'm So Sorry So Sad, I believed everything people post in here by heart and it sadens my heart! Now I'm really sad... Pls forgive me...


Really So Sad?? Why are you so hateful of people?

You're so nasty on every single post you make which is NEVER about the complaint at hand. And now you even stooped so low as to slam a retired war veteran that has suffered four strokes. I truly am So Sad for you So Sad. Clearly, your username is a description of your state of mind, which is brutally obvious in all of your posts.

It takes a So Sad person to be as rude and mean as you are to people. That really IS So Sad.

Please seek some professional help ASAP and I wish you the best. I really mean that.


Been shorted at a Walgreens before, not talking about a few pills here or there. I'm talking about 50 out of 90, something insane like that. All it took was a quick phone call to the Pharmacist (not the tech) and waited 15 mins for a call back after the inventory had been re-counted for that product.

Turned out we were short a lot more than we thought and the next day we picked up the missing ones with no questions asked.

Turned out there was a new tech who was a few marbles short of a whole bag and made a huge error (they hadn't been stealing, just miscounted). Eventually that person quit and went to CVS... so no harm done. I do feel sorry for CVS now though.

So I guess the moral of the story is, to be polite about it, not to walk through that door flying off and handle and good things will happen to you.


Thanks for the heads up. I'm really not a fool.

I'm just a recovering from my 4th stroke. :sigh


Learn some proper grammar if you're going to complain this way you don't end up looking like a f00l. Oviously? lier?