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I work for walgeens and we seldom have all the ad items in the ad. Our store manager is only concerned about the things that effect his bonus.

You cant loose any of your gross profit if you dont have them items to sell. We will write rainchecks for the items.

He will only then order a case of them item knowing there are more rain chain checks out there.

How can we continually screw our customers loke this?How did we get to where we are today? Cant our district manager figure this out,or is this common practice?

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Karen Jashua you have no idea what it's like to actually stand in front of these customers if you think it's just that easy to enforce the limit. They will scheme every way in the world to get that extra roll of big roll.

They split purchases, go to different registers, yell and scream until they get their way, come back later or a different day, etc... The whole system is bungled. You need a crystal ball to see into a perfect future to know what the customers are going to buy especially in a new market. It all doesn't matter anyway you could have all the items but one thing and the customers will still freak out that you don't have anything they want.

Even if you order it, you will likely get shorted by the warehouse, have a bad forecast, have no 13 week movement to go off of because walgreens won't just put the same thing on sale or has 50,000 different types of one thing, etc... So, don't talk to me Karen Jashua like you know a single thing about store level operations. I don't care if you have been there at one time.

You are off in your little ivory tower now and have no knowledge of the real world any more. Things have changed princess and it's not getting any better.


I agree with all, I work at walgreens to as SIMS and yes all our stuff is ordered way in advance, sometimes 6 months in advance and we usally get ad items 2-3 weeks in advance before a sale. All stores have different warehouse days so that has a huge affect on your ad outs.

Also, many times we sell ad items at regular price so when the time comes for the sale we are out which is not our fault because we ordered what was forecasted.

However there are many solutions for ad outs: we can order some items from Dearborn, we can go pick up outs from a store that has alot on hand, we can order from warehouse, we can write rain checks, and finally we can substitute. We can satisfy everyone, but we do our best.


Most managers will sub and item. Atleast they should. I always do.


Well, you are actually wrong. I work for walgreens too.

and I am a Price Administrator. We do get the items on sale majority of it, depending on location, but most Customers go over the limit and buy in bulk that leaves stores without the products. and Employees don't bother to check the buy limit on that product and give it away, and then EMployees like you get frustrated and go around degrading the company like this.

Matter of fact, Walgreens accepts flyers from all over U.S.

Yes, we accept Flyers from all over U.S. as long as you have the flyer on hand. NO other company does that.

ok. so calm down.


What you are not understanding is that during the ad, we get scandown credit from both Walgreen's and the suppliers. If we sell the items after the fact with a raincheck, we do not get the credit and we actually lose money.

If your manager "is only concerned about the things that effect his bonus" then he would actually want the ad items in the store.

The problem with our ads is that we buy well in advance of the ads and the manufacturer may not give us the full supply and corporate has to allocate the items out to the stores in order to have at least some of the merchandise. Dealing with complaints is no fun and I am sure the manager would rather have the merchandise to sell and not have to field calls from angry customers.

You are obviously not in any position close to management and would rather throw your manager under the bus before you find out the causes of the problems.


he wont get a bonus if he is not selling... so that makes no sense