Walgreens, has decided that they should do data mining through a members only sales program.

I thought that Walgreens was a store open to the PUBLIC, not a membership only retailer.

I moved my prescription(s) from walgreens, and will not shop at another walgreens ever again.

Funny how they supposedly have a privacy policy--- but leave automated messages that your script is up for renewal on answering machines where others can here. (NOT VERY PRIVATE IN MY EYES)

Then they send sales flyers for bulk mail delivery.... BUT the sale prices can only be gotten if you join the walgreens reward card program.... NOBODY WANTS TO TRADE THEIR PRIVACY FOR A DISCOUNT!!!!!!!



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Brooklyn, New York, United States #761534

:cry :x


you would be suprised how tons of people will give out all kinds of information for a PROMISE of a discount. most people do not understand how that information in the wrong hands can screw up their lives until it is too late.

Deland, Florida, United States #760184

Learn to read the fine print.If it says "Discount applies only to Walgreens Discount Card holders" or "Must have a valid Walgreens discount card" or anything like that, Walgreens is in the clear.

In fact I'm looking at a flyer right now and it says WITH CARD. So either get the card or deal without the discount.

Regarding your privacy, how would you like them to notify you your prescription is ready or needs filled?

Maybe you don't give them your work phone number and perhaps use a cell or home phone number.Maybe don't listen to the voicemail on speaker so everyone can hear.

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #760096

I don't see how this is walgreens problem personally so long as it's indicated on the flyer the price WITH card then they can do whatever they want.look at stop & shop they send out flyers too and many sales will say "price with card" although many will put in a blank card so you can get the discount anyways even without one.

that they do not have to do by the way.I think you really need to get off your high horse and look at the facts a little better before going off on a tyrade on a complaints page like this where most likely NO ONE with anything to do with walgreens will actually see it.

to notgivingit #760132

Although on the surface there seems to be no difference.

You stated the difference, stop & shop provides a way to receive the sale price and still remain anonymous.

As for your second portion, that NO ONE at walgreens will actually see it, is wrong as they have a whole PR dept that does nothing but monitor the internet for postings about the company, and try to do damage control.

As do most large corporations.


I sign up for any of those savings cards.Sure it's silly, but I'm saving money and you're not.

And I'm smart and you're not.Do yourself and those around you a favor, save some money and get a craycray pill scrip.

to Dani #760111

Yes Dani,

Buy a pregnancy test, then make 2 purchases of vitamins in the next two weeks.

You will save more money...

Because their program will assume you are pregnant, and send you diaper coupons, formula coupons, bottle offers etc......from the manufactures of those items after you consumer profile shows you are likely pregnant... and they sell that profile to those manufactures.

See not only did you give them permission to give you a discount, but share what you buy and profile you for what you will buy based on what you have bought....

And in SOME agreements,(not Walgreens specifically) it allows them to track your movements through the store, and even purchases at other retailers.

So you may feel that you are saving money... but you are trading privacy, promoting consumer profiling, and supporting huge data mining, and consumer profiling companies.

Not to worry though, your consumer profile is saving the rest of us money as these retailers sell your consumer profile, to other companies.

So you keep giving them data...

As for your craycray pill script, I do not need one.

You would not believe the information that is collected through these programs....

If you don't believe it, just compare your "offers" and "coupons" you receive with your name and address on them, and think about how they relate to recent purchases.

to Anonymous #760200

I. don't. caaaaaaare.

to Anonymous #762184

With or without the rewards card, they track all this anyway if you use anything that isn't cash. The rewards card just assists further in the personalization. So the only people who should be butthurt are people who don't own an electronic form of payment.


No...They all know about Viagra.

Thank you, for your kind concern though....

Almost as sincere as a Walgreens supposed sale items.:grin

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