Staten Island, New York
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Walgreens advertised via emails and in store signs and postcards that every Wednesday is Senior Discount Day. But when I went on Wednesday the promotion is non-existent!

I heard all kinds of excuses like: "the senior day is on Tuesdays not Wednesdays" or "the senior discount is not every Wednesday, is only once a month" or the cashier tells me she is not authorized to apply the discount and there is no manager to do it at the store and they need a special key!

And the best one: only one register at the store, the one at the beauty counter could process the discount and there is no cashier at that register! Go figure!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Senior Discount day is the first Tuesday of every month.


I ran into the very same situations for months. I finally had the facts confirmed last week.

Every Tuesday is senior discount day. 20% off on store brand products (exceptions - Google "Walgreens' Senior Discount Day"). 15% off on most other items (again, exceptions).

Applies to 55+, some cashiers demand ID. Good luck.


I've had the same experiences - what a crock...


It is NOT every Wednesday or every other specific day. The Senior Discout Days are random. In our advertising her in Delaware it was on Tues Oct 8 and the ad clearly says to check this website for terms and conditions.


Depends on the region it seems. My store usually doesn't tell us until a single day on a given week.


Originally, my store was under the assumption that Senior Savings Day were to be the first Wednesday of every month as it was the trend. Then the past couple months happened on a Monday and then a Tuesday. As far as I have seen, it usually happens on the first or second week of every month.

Some stores or regions will schedule Senior Savings Day on their own accord and frequency. I believe some stores even do it once a week if not more. So, it really depends on the area you live and the store you go to. For this year alone, I've only seen Senior Savings Day done once a month usually the first or second week in the St Louis region.

Keep your eyes on the weekly circulars as they will advertise if a Senior Savings Day is happening that week. Also, check their Website or on Facebook as they will usually post Senior Savings Day the day prior or day of.


Kara, thank you for your comment! It seems that the complaints about Senior Day discounts worked, because yesterday, Wednesday, at the entrance door of our local Walgreens, they posted a big new sign with this message: "Wednesday is Senior Discount Day, every Wednesday of every month", and I asked for it at the register and I've got it!


Strange. In Atlanta, it is every Tuesday.

I guess it does vary in different regions. Walgreens really needs to get some national consistence with ths.