Darien, Illinois

Walgreens LPGA Holly Hill FL, went in to fill husbands narcotic script, been getting for 7 years. Dropped it off, pharmacist refused to fill, he tells us U don't have insurance so won't fill.

He says Walgreens policy for last 18 months is won't fill any narcotics if u r a cash paying customer. Tells us no pharmacy in FL will fill without insurance. We go 3 miles down road to Walgreens on Nova and Granada fill with no problems, treated with respect. My husband has degenerative spine, nerve damage and ruptured discs ( MRI's and medical records going back 7 ysr.) He didn't ask for this disease or disability, he inherited it.

He was at Walgreens today, overheard a man (60 yrs old), pharmacist refused to fill his narcotics after giving him the run around for 10 days. This pharmacist thinks he is a prescription God or something. I understand some people are addicts and can manipulate Dr's, but stop judging everyone that way.

My husband would do anything not to be chained to a pill and his disability. This pharmacist needs to be fired.

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