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I'm on a medication called buprenorphine. It is prescribed to me and helps control cravings for opiate addiction. These drugs are really expensive. I can only afford to get 21 filled at a time and it's enough for a week. I had the script filled last night, came home, went to bed, woke up and opened the package and, to my surprise, there were only 8 pills. However, the bottle had been signed and initialed by the woman who filled them signaling that she had, in fact, filled all 21. I was so pissed, still am. I have basically no recourse. I went back and asked them to check their logs and they said their logs indicate that 21 pills were dispensed.

I don't know what to do besides *** about it. I'm so disgusted. I was given the pharmacy manager's card and told that I could call him if I 'really wanted to take it to the next level'.


Walgreens 204 E Bell Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85022


3rd Street & Bell Road

DO NOT give them your business.

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I have had shortages of pain pills on several occasions. This shorts me and I can't prove it.

Walgreens at 3rd and Bell in Phx, AZ.

They won't call me back. This is abt the 4th time.


Sorry, I used to work for them and didn't like it BUT ALL controlls are accounted for down to the tablet and by more than one person. Your more likely to get the wrong amount of chips in Las Vegas than you are to get the wrong number of a controled drug. Each transaction is accounted for, all the total controlled transactions for the day are accounted for and, again, by more than one person.


Pharmacies have to account for all controlled drugs down to the pill. If they shorted you it will show on their inventory.

Ask the PIC (Pharmacist In Charge) to count this medication. If they are over on their count, then they know they made a mistake. Of course, if someone at the pharmacy stole the remaining pills, then you are out of luck. If it's an honest mistake, though, and the count shows an overage, then you might have a chance.

The PIC cannot dispense the pills to you, but he or she could call your doctor and explain the issue and perhaps get them for you that way.

Buprenorphine can be prescribed over the phone and does not require a written Rx. With controlled drugs it's not a bad idea to count them in front of the pharmacist, or at least check out the bottle before you leave to make sure it appears about right, esp with meds that are very expensive or very highly controlled.


I didn't see your follow up post before I left mine... In that case, good luck with that!



I realize it's almost been a month since this happened to you and this info might not be of any help now, but if it happens again...

I am prescribed Adderall which is a controlled substance (which I'm sure yours probably is too). As soon as you catch the shortage you need to contact the pharmacy ASAP and they by law have to do a count of what they have in inventory. If they have more in their inventory than what thier system shows they should, it will show on their computer and they have to give you what you were shorted at no additional charge.

It has happened to me on several occasions (I use Walgreens which I consider to be a reputable pharmacy) and they have always been very cooporative. Like yours, it is a very expensive RX. The only problem I can see is if you had a pharm tech that pocketed your meds, and in that case, that person doesn't need to be behind a pharmacy counter in the first place. That's a recipe for disaster.

Anyway - sorry for the extensive and late reply, but it's happened to me and I know the feeling.


i admit

I have an adiction to these pills and took 13 of them and was hoping they would give more.