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I turned in my throw away camera on January 21,2013,I received my little white ticket w a #on it to claim my pics...Walgreens manager told me that they hold my pics for @least 30days before discarding them.I went in about 2in a half-3wks later,and they had already threw out my pics and shredded them! On February 7,2013 they had already discarded them,mind u, not even with a warning phone call to my home,which# they did indeed have!

I am very upset,beyond words! That was my daughter's very first trip to Knott's Berry Farm,and I can never ever have my pics replaced! Never!!! I went into the store and complained,and they didn't do a *** thing about it!

I am so tempted to file a law suit against Walgreen's photo department!

What the *** r u gonna do about this? But just know that no matter what u guys do, U can never ever replace my daughter's pics ever again!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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Walgreens keeps photos for a WELL over 30 days before discarding them. And they have a list of people who's photo order has been there for 30 days to call on that must me completed weekly at minimum.

You number was probably not updated. After 30 days they are packed into a box and put away where they are kept for nearly a year and your name will be on that call list until they are picked up or until the system finally tells the employee it is time to shred the photos. Not their fault that you didn't pick up your photos after a few months. They were doing their job according to Walgreens policy.

This is the protocol for every single Walgreens photo center in every single state.

I've worked at over 5 stores in multiple states and the policy is the same company wide. We do NOT shred your photos after 30 days and we PERSONALLY have to call you to remind you that your photos have been there for a few weeks.

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