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still waiting on a written prescription called skelaxin has been a week nowLaporte Walgreens said they faxed to Dr and then the doctor has to send to my insurance co.form filled out bu the doctor keeps saying they don't have itso after waiting an hour and a half on the phone I called another Walgreens and Deer Park on Center and McDermott when they are trying to help meI would rather drive a little furtherthen go to the Laporte Walgreens on Underwoodboth times I called the Deer Park Pharmacy and they are going to take care of it week to receive i muscle relaxer was told I'm in the doctor's office at Walgreens needed to send a fax called I said they sent a fax call the doctor back again I said they don't have the facts

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You need to call your insurance and have them fax the form to the dr. That simple.

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