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In December 2014, Walgreens completed its strategic combination with Alliance Boots to establish Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. things went bad very quickly!!! Greg Wasson was forced out. With Greg Wasson out the care for the little people out the door!! Stefano Pessina, a secretive Italian billionaire, is to become £4.45bn richer as a result of the $15bn (£9bn) Walgreens takeover of Alliance Boots. With that merger Wasson may receive a retirement package worth $35.1 million. So the company has money if Walgreens Alliance Boots gives very large severance packages with a corporate takeover. Stefano has a history of tax evasion. Stefano has a history of slave labor practices in England. All that to just build a company. December 2014 Alliance Boots today announces that it has completed the acquisition of a 12% stake in Nanjing Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Becoming the second largest investor. They have the money to invest in the 1% but they squander in on other projects. Nanjing Pharmaceutical Company Limited are also owned by GlaxoSmithKline. Which according to Peta tests on animals! So if they can pay for animal testers and pollution to be pumped into the environment. They can pay their employees their salaries!! Not minimum wage!! Not force them to sign new contracts under minimum wage. If they get their jobs back all!!Managers were stepped down within a year after this merger with Boots Alliance. They were either forced into lower management positions. If they refused they were stepped down into Shift leader positions with a major cut in pay. If they didn’t sign the contracts they lost their jobs even if they didn’t agree with the terms of the contract. Cut to near minimum wage. Or at minimum wage. Even though most had been with the Walgreens for decades. Even though they made Walgreens they’re lives and careers. Even though the Ceo’s got they’re salaries and bonuses. The chief of operations get their 3 figure salaries. Their families are suffering under this ethnic cleansing. Some work 6 days a week just to make ends meat. Millions were fired because they were NOT liked by the store managers!!The next on the chopping block for corporate greed of the Ceo’s not wanting to pay the employees they’re wages. The Sims coordinators. They were forced to Shift Leader positions or back down to a lower employee positions. . Even though they still have to do their exact same jobs with a cut in pay down to minimum wage. Again if they didn’t sign the contracts they lost their jobs even if they didn’t agree with the terms of the contract. It is corporate greed in the purest epitome of the word. Ethnic cleansing of the career employees they didn’t want to pay they’re wages. Even though people made this their careers. In most cases have been doing this for decades!!! It didn’t matter. They got minimum wage. If the managers didn’t like them they got fired. Then they stepped down the Head Photo Specialist. They didn’t want to pay them they’re wages. . Even though they still have to do their exact same jobs. They were forced to step down with minimum wage. If they didn’t sign the contracts they lost their jobs even if they didn’t agree with the terms of the contract. Millions lost their jobs. Even though they did their jobs without complaints. Millions did not agree to these changes. Millions have been fired of the management didn’t like them. Millions of store career management have left the company in droves due to the radical changes. Millions of upper management career management were fired for sticking up for the little people. Ethnic cleansing of the career employees with no skills sets other than Walgreen’s are suffering. Walgreen’s prides Deliver extraordinary customer and patient care. But the cannot deliver it to their employees. To the very people who take care of everything!! To the very people who hold the fort down. To the very people who come to work without complaints!! The next on the chopping block list is the Senior Beauty Advisors. Then the Beauty Advisors. They have to reapply for they positions in September. They ultimately will lose because Walgreens’ wants Licensure in Cosmetology or Esthetician in they’re positions. The career people will lose their jobs because of the corporate greed. Even though they have been doing it for years!! Because of the Ceo’s greed of their bonuses they get to keep because of the ethnic cleansing. When it is cheaper in the long run to pay for these people to get their licenses. They want to just hire these people and be done with it. People are going to lose the jobs. . Again if they didn’t sign the contracts they lost their jobs even if they didn’t agree with the terms of the contract... The career people who are already living from pay check to pay check already are going to be forced to file for Welfare. They will have to because they will be at minimum wage. If they get their jobs back under this ethnic cleansing at all!!Next in the effort for the Ceo’s to keep their bonuses. The store management will be cut loose. They will be stepped down into Assistant Management positions. Paid just above minimum slave wages. Again another version of ethnic cleansing. . Again if they didn’t sign the contracts they lost their jobs even if they didn’t agree with the terms of the contract. With everything from basic necessities from food, to utilities, to rents going to highest it has been in 10 years. Millions will be homeless because of this ethnic cleansing of the career people who hold down the fort. Who without this company will sink? They’re will be no one left to handle the problem. No one will be able to stay with the company who was a very good company to work for before this merger. Millions of people will lose their jobs!!! This is ethnic cleansing of the old career employees that have no other job skill set other than Walgreens. Walgreens Alliance Boots has the money. They just acquired Rite Aid. The people within Rite Aid mostly be losing their jobs if they do NOT agree to minimum wage. Rite Aid employees are to either lose their jobs or too swallowed up with Walgreens Boots Alliance under minimum wage. Slave labor wages. Walgreens just outsourced most all the American Made Walgreens products overseas!! Read the back of the labels. They NOT American made anymore!!! They have the money it’s just another version of a Corporation greed to keep their bonuses. Most are made in China. Vietnam. Taiwan. Check the back of labels. The worst countries of human rights in the world. No quality control. Walgreen’s was an American made company!! Not now under the merger!! For shame on Walgreens. For shame on Boots greed!! China has the Yulin Dog and Cat festival where they eat them every year horrifically killing. There is NO animal right in any of the countries previously mentioned. China’s pollution record to the world speaks for itself. Join the fight for the struggling 1% on the ethnic cleansing of the career people who made this they’re lives. Voice your complaint to. Protect these people with protests with your words!! Call the headquarters!! Your emails!! Stick up for the people who have no voice within this company. People who have no choice but to be force to sign up for slave wages. Voice you complaint about millions of people who will have to sign up for PUBLIC ASSISTANCE because they won’t have any other choice!!! That’s if the managers who have a say in getting these people out!! When they did nothing wrong to deserve the slave wages. Or to be fired by this company over this ethnic cleansing of old career people. It’s wrong on multiple levels.

Main officeWalgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.108 Wilmot RoadDeerfield, IL 600151-847-315-2922

Email Stefano Pessina Ceo estimated Net worth of $12.9 billion stefano.pessina@allianceboots.comKathleen Wilson-Thompson Total Annual Comp.: $3.16 millionEVP/Global Chief Human Resource OfficerKWilson-thompson@walgreensbootsalliance.comGeorge Fairweather EVP/CFO Annual Salary and Bonus $ 3,047,951Gfairweather@walgreensbootsalliance.com

Alex Gourlay C0-Chief Operating OfficerTotal Annual Compensation $4,715,663AGourlay@walgreensbootsalliance.com


Reason of review: slave laborer paying their employees crap wages leading to bad customer service.

Walgreens Pros: We have been blacklisted.

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It is still on the chopping block. This company is still trying to get rid of the career people.

This is wrong to get rid of people who has did this for 20, 30, 40, and 50 years. If the Ceo's cannot do what the people on the bottom in the hardest cities for one month at a time. They cannot work in the worst stores with the highest theft for one month. They shouldn't be making any descisions whatsoever.

Then they should give up their bonuses.

Without the people on the bottom they have nothing!!


Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary


Full Definition of ethnic cleansing


: the expulsion, imprisonment, or killing of an ethnic minority by a dominant majority in order to achieve ethnic homogeneity


You kept mentioning ethnic cleansing. What in the world are you talking about?

Walgreens is genoicidal? lol