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I have been using Walgreens pharmacy for years and years. Every time I would go there, the pharmacy techs were very nice and helpful.

Until lately.

They have a woman behind the counter who is an absolute nightmare! The first time I dealt with her, I just thought she was having a bad night, which I totally understand. (I work in customer service as well.) It was late. And they were busy. (The late hours were one of the main reasons I chose this pharmacy. I only assume that the employees know the hours of operation when they take the job.) Anyway, this woman has been hateful and completely unhelpful every time I've been back in since then.

Today, it was a matter of her speaking to me in a tone that was completely unprofessional, and all of this in front of other customers, AND other staff members! I was just dumbfounded. I was so upset that I didn't even purchase all of the things that I initially went in for.

I did not contact management, as I am aware that doing so while I am upset may not be the best choice for me. I just left with the intention of calling the business and speaking to someone about it.

I think that if I go in again, and she is there, I will find someone else to help me, or a different pharmacy altogether. Walgreens used to be the one place with late hours, but since the start of that, other companies have followed suit. There are plenty of other places that are open just as late, and whose prices are better or equal to that of Walgreens. Places where I do not have to be subjected to such disrespect. I am most likely at the pharmacy because I have been or am sick, or my son is. I'm probably not in the best of moods in the first place. This does not help. At this point, I would not recommend this pharmacy location to anyone.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Your post is completely empty. If you are going to make a complaint give some explanation as to what happened, not just 'she made me upset'.

Just saying someone was rude tells us nothing. Most folks these days equate being told NO to rudeness.


The worst thing about this is when she saw me discipline my son, I hit him hard across the face because he dropped something and broke it she called security on me.


Whoever you are that posted the comment... (probably the lady behind the counter) Go seek help.

I was being serious.

You must have no morals to even think to make a statement like that. And that isn't funny.