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I have been going to the walgreens in freeport I would say about 4xs a week usually around the afternoon. But since i started working late nights i decided to go in after 12am because it is 24hrs.

Well the manager who wouldnt give his name at first, after asking for his name several times he finally said it was "GEORGE". THIS MANAGER was very nasty rude, spoke to me like i was garbage. He Ordered the nice security guard to come and watch me as I do my shopping. I knew this because i was the only person there.

I asked nicely if i could use the bathroom, "George" very nasty without even looking at me said NO! So I went on with my shopping, just ignoring this ignorant human being. But to my surprise I look down the isle and i see george looking at what im doing very loudly tells the security guard to follow me around! At that point I had enough and I left the store as im leaving the store George is following me loudly telling me hes been a manager there for "20yrs man get out of here" screaming back and forth and thats when i asked for his name, which took many times.

Doesnt even give me a full name he says "GEORGE" AND LAUGHS!! Overal I probably spend a good $150 a week there! Because I know writing this complain probably wont do anything I am taking my business to CVS and I will never use WALGREENS again as I felt discriminated and treated like I was a criminal! The location I am talking about is FREEPORT NY ON HENRY ST.

So if you want to be treated like *** and made out to feel like a criminal while spending your hard earned money!

Make sure you stop by and say Hi to "GEORGE" hes a 5 foot 5 african american, walks like mr potato head with the Im taking a *** face look!! Ugh nasty man I will never go back again!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Mr potato head lol that seems to be a trait to be hired as a Walgreen manager. They are all short whimpy men.

You gotta think though anyone looking at a life career as a whopping Walgreen manager can't be very bright to begin with.