Sugar Land, Texas

can you imagine charging 9.99 for 2 pasport photos! the customer service personn agrred with us of the high price bur did not advice us of the price but after the pictures were taken and printed.

this is the price indicated by corporate?? or by the local manager??? which store: US6 at west airport blvd, sugar land, texas, 77498.

what a steal!!! DO NOT GO TO WALGREENS FOR PASSPORT PHOTOS OR FOR ANYTHING ELSE...on top of that we had to wait an hour because they were low on employees and the same salesperson was attending photos and the pharmacy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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ya they take a pic with a *** camera (ipad camera are better)


Do these people live in the 21st century? Passport photos are $8 for auto club members and $15 for non members. With a $2 coupon, Walgreens is the same price with NO LINE


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It is not illegal to take passport picture yourself in the U.S. I took mine at home, cropped them to 2x2 size on a 4x6 template and printed them at Walgreens for $.19.


It is not illegal to take passport picture yourself in the U.S. I took mine at home, cropped them to 2x2 size on a 4x6 template and printed them at Walgreens for $.19.


The post office was charging 20 dollars for them so u got them cheap plus these prices are set by corporate also not many places take passports any more so u don't have much of a choice since its illegal to take them yourself ....


not to mention that there is a big sign staing how much they cost. READ>


well almost ANYWHERE you go pictures for passaports are about ten bucks now a days so how are u getting riped off?? any anyways ask first and u could of refused the pictures if u wanted


So you walk in and say "I need two passport photos." The employee takes the photos, processes them, and rings you up. No where did you state that you asked how much it would cost.

Sorry, but this is on you. If you don't ask the price, they are not obligated to tell you beforehand.


nikalseyn USED to get her pens for free :grin .

Seriously, you could have ASKED how much the pictures were BEFORE they were taken, but I'm assuming that you were too lazy...just like you were too lazy to hit and shift key and run the spell check before you posted.


That is NOT exhorbitant at all. I remember paying $10 for two passport photos two decades ago.

Now, I get them for free because I am a AAA premier member. We special folks get alot of stuff free, unlike the peons.