I avoid this Walgreens like the plaque but since i was short on time i had not choice but to stop. I cant stand this location for many reasons but above all it would have to be their horrrible customer servie!!

My problems started when i called in some perscriptions and when i showed up they brought the bag to the counter then said they stopped carrying my insurance as of a few months ago. I wouldnt have found this a issue but i was upset that when the perscription was placed...why not mention that before i make my way there just to find out i cant take them and secondly why waste YOUR time? The experience didnt end there, i decided to pick up a few things since i was there and like always the girls in the cosmetic dept are just standing around takling when there were customers in the store who obvisouly needed help. I made my way to the counter where there was a line practically wrapped around the corner of people waiting to be rung out.

They had a 100yr old woman ringing out at the slowest pace possible! even worse the other employees where still standing around not even thinking about opening another register.

They are so RUDE! Stay away from this location!

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Lexington, North Carolina, United States #603376

Oh come on HPS and D Gremaud. Don't make the consumer be responsible! (sarcasm)


The employee should of called for back up, that's her fault. And the ones standing around were probably on lunch or off the clock.

There are no lines in our store because the minute we hear "I see 3" everyone goes to the front or their registers to ring people out.

And with insurance of any kind you the insuree must know where you can go for prescriptions.

Just like which doctors and hospitals you can go to! don't blame the pharmacy for that one.


Sorry, but your gripe about the pharmacy staff not telling you that your insurance cannot be used at their pharmacy when the prescription was dropped off, is misdirected and invalid. YOU, the insured cardholder, are responsible for and should know beforehand, what healthcare providers are in your insurance plan.

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