Washington, District Of Columbia
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i walked int walgreens and returned a pair of reading glasses and went back to the pharmacy to drop a perscription and was aproached by the manager who acussed me of stealing the sunglasses around my neck he took them and said if i didnt give him them he wou;ld tell the police i stole them im a paranoid physzo bi polar and iwas heavaly medicated and he played into my fear that everyone ios out to get me i call crp headquarters they said theyde call me back my therapist Ruben Morales at the pilsen wellness center will testify i showed off said sunglasses 773-890-0645

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Did he steal your clothes to as I think I saw a neaked man hiting walls leaving a Walgreen the other day,said Walgreen has stolen his glasses and couldn't see a thing.hopefuly you made it to the emergency room for your mental problems...


I didn't understand a word you said. :upset