Wallingford, Connecticut

My fiancee and I frequently use the Walgreens in Shelton CT, Store # 9612. We keep going back because we think that maybe each time we go in, it'll get better. It Never Does.

Today, 6/5/2011, we went in to grab a frosty cold soda and check out their sunglasses. On our way back from the coolers, at the photo counter, was a sweet older woman who was complaining to the manager about how horrible the employees there treat her. We can relate, as this particular Walgreens has ruined our once great view of the company.

Here's the problem: The manager was defending his employees and their bad attitudes. He sad they treated her that way because they hadn't had a break in a long time. He also said, "sometimes we let the little things slide here" meaning, I think, that an angry customer is "a little thing."

I grew up in an age where the customer was always right, regardless of break times.

I worked 14 hours yesterday and got 2 bathroom breaks. I didn't have a bad attitude. I'm grateful to be working in this economy. So should the employees at Walgreens in Shelton , Store # 9612.

Until they fix their issues, we have moved all our pharmacy business to CVS...one a little far out of the way, but worth.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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I know you're desperate for money, but that's no excuse to make stuff up so corporate can give you a free gift card for your emotional distress.


Walgreens employees dont hate their customers, they just dont care about them!


I have had horrible experiences with the Walgreens stores in my immediate area. Today, a Walgreens pharmacist told me it was too early to refill one of my 2 prescriptions.

I asked her, did you read the note on Rx from my M.D.? No, she hadn't, nor did she notice the dosage was changed, which was why my M.D. wrote "May fill on 6/12/11." THEN, a pharmacy tech raises her voice loud enough for anyone near the pharmacy to hear, that there is a DUR on my pain medication that I take for Degenerative Disc Disease, Spinal Stenosis, and Fibromyalgia. I didn't appreciate any of that.

I was also told that the problem was my Medicaid Part D Insurance Company. I demanded my Rxs back, went to CVS, and had ZERO problems. If these were new medications I could understand it, but they weren't. Had a similar incident with my anxiety meds just one month before that.

I have called Walgreens Corporate at least 6 times in the past 5 years. I kept thinking things would get better, but that isn't the case. Save yourself the headaches of Walgreens and go to another pharmacy. I'm trying to decide now whether a lawsuit would be appropriate.

Do some research on Walgreens online, and the DURs they use, and you'll find I'm not the only one. I too kept thinking it would get better, but trust me, it never does.


You have no idea what your talking about. Go to cvs, they have fewer employees.